Stimulus, Stimulus Everywhere

    From “trillion dollars stimulus package”, down to “lunch stimulus package”, “recession proof your health” sort of deals, it seems that we are having stimulus everywhere. Even MAS has gone extra mile to launch their very own stimulus package with a total of 9 deals covering economy class, business class and first class! Not everyone is happy with the giant stimulus package that leaders around the world are pushing through, but I’m pretty sure that cheap fares will definitely make everyone happy!

    On a separate note, MAS is having this The Great Escapade contest in Facebook with many lucrative prizes to be won!

    1st PRIZE: 1X Return Business Class to Sydney/ Japan

    2nd PRIZE: 1X Return Business Class + 50% discount for your companion to Hong Kong

    3rd PRIZE: 1X Return Business Class to Bangkok

    and many many more…

    Me myself have actually won something via MAS facebook group and guess what, I’m going to take part in this contest too. I need to blog about a story entitled “The Great Escapade: My Fun Travel with MAS!” and incorporate a minimum of 3 of the travel deals under MAS Stimulus Package in my story and submit the entry by email. Japan, here I comeeeeee! (for more info, please log on to MAS’s facebook group)

    OK, let’s check out these good deals from MAS stimulus package!

    So the First and Business Class deal does not really apply to me. Boss, you can take a look at this.

    Poster Stimulus

    Malaysia Airlines will match the price of one’s previous travel on another airline for flights above 3 hours.

    This applies for First and Business Class travel.

    Asean and International travel

    Poster Stimulus

    50% discount is offered for your companion’s business class travel (Boss, I can be your note taker, I can carry your luggage, please bring me along!)

    Domestic, Asean and International travel
    Poster Stimulus

    Pay economy class fares but enjoy business class travel privileges including access to the lounges and accrual of Enrich miles.

    Domestic, Asean and International travel

    Poster Stimulus

    Travel during weekends

    Enjoy all inclusive RM69 fares for travel within the Peninsular & within East Malaysia

    RM99 for travel between East and West Malaysia

    Domestic only

    I have a great idea! We can actually plan a food trip to  Penang or even Kuala Terengganu and eat like there’s no tomorrow. Something like SIX meals a day! It’s good to go home every now and then too, as time goes in a different pace compared to KL.


    Best of Penang!


    From top left: Mak Long’s keropok, famous beef noodles @ Kampung China, stir fried hainanese chicken rice, the gorgeous Heritage Bay

    Poster Stimulus

    Special fares for long weekend travel

    ASEAN only

    Woot! I can foresee that we are going to Bali very soon, right kampungboy? Considering the fact that you went to Phuket Island without me, you still owe me a weekend escapade there!




    Bad Boy’s Heaven


    Elephant’s Ride

    Poster Stimulus

    (with my hobbit like metre-high frame, can I be considered as a kid?)

    For every 2 adult economy class tickets purchased, a child below 12 years old travels for free

    Domestic and Asean travel

    Poster Stimulus

    Purchase 1 economy class ticket, and your companion gets a free ticket on flights operated by Malaysia Airlines

    Domestic and Asean travel

    What a good news for affectionate couples and BFFs who wish to travel together. While it might be a bad news for some, as possessive gf/bf has the best-estever reason to tag along!

    Poster Stimulus

    Enjoy low fares when you book online

    Domestic and Asean travel

    For those who emailed me and ask me about the price of our ticket to Kota Kinabalu, you can now book online to enjoy lower air fares. Did I mention that we spent less than RM500 per person for our 3 days trip, including a visit to KK national park and TAR marine park?

    view 1

    From here, you get the best view of Mount KK

    view 2

    poring 5

    Canopy Walk @ Poring Hot Spring

    tar marine park1

    tar marine park2

    Manukan island, the second largest of the five tropical islands of Tunku Abdul Rahman Park

    Poster Stimulus

    Special fares for selected destinations are available online from time to time

    Domestic, Asean and International travel



    Hangang River within Seoul City


    Gyeongbok-Gung Palace



    Cheongwadae (blue house), resident and office of the president.


    Korean style blue tiles from which “blue house” takes its name


    Shoju (Korean rice wine) overdosed


    Korean Street Food


    Myeong Dong, the famous shopping district

    hk hui lao shan

    Hui Lao Shan, everywhere in HK!

    With so many pocket friendly options from MAS, it seems like recession is almost the best time to travel, given that you have some money to spend, of course. As traveling to places outside ASEAN is beyond my affordability, I’m going to draft my entry for the ‘The Great Escapade’ contest now, wish me luck in bagging the air ticket to Sidney/Japan!

    Finally, I’ve found a reason to like the current economic meltdown.

    * its really the best time to travel now.

    *check out MAS website 


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