Magnificent Kota Kinabalu Day I

    Our holiday at Kota Kinabalu was a short one but we had lotsa fun with great companion like VKeong and SL. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, kampungboy and I almost missed our flight. Thanks to the convenient check in options and with Vkeong’s help of course, we managed to catch the flight on time. Although this is only my fourth time (in my life!) flying with MAS, my previous flying experience with MAS has all been great. I can still remember my flight to Seoul even though it was over 2 years ago. The moment our plane touched down on the runway, the Koreans around us were clapping and cheering, in thanks to a safe and smooth landing.

    Our flight to KK was glassy smooth and peaceful with most people sleeping. The seat pitch was comfortable with reasonable leg space. KampungBoy dozed off in a jiffy.

    mas flight

    In serious dozing mode

    mas bfast2

    Scrumptious Nasi Lemak

    We were offered our on-board meals and they all do look familiar! Remember our visit to the airline caterer’s kitchen? With yoghurt drink, fererro rocher chocolates, cut fruits, bun, nasi lemak/ omelet, it was a simple but fulfilling breakfast.

    mas bfast1

    Omelette with Hash Brown, Sausage and Mushroom


    Our flight arrived at the newly renovated and extended KKIA, the second busiest airport in Malaysia, after KLIA. We then took a cab to Lavender Lodge at Kampung Air, which is 10 minutes away from the airport. Do note that taxis in KK do not run on meter, they are charging a fixed amount to places within a certain radius instead. A 15 minutes ride as such will usually cost RM20.


    Since we were travelling on a shoestring, we opted to stay in Lavender Lodge in which a double room costs only RM 65 nett per night .It is a simple and no frills hostel with well-kept room and most importantly, clean shared toilet and shower. Lavender Lodge is centrally located too, it is within walking distance from Gaya Street, Warisan Square, Water Front, etc. However, please be cautious if you are travelling on your own as Kampung Air has the dubious distinction of being KK’s most notorious red light area. Comes midnight, it’s quite a scene.

    (1) Lavender Lodge 1st-3rd Floor, No.6, Jalan Laiman Diki, Kampung Air, Kota Kinabalu. Tel: (6088) 217119

    wiya chic1

    Our first stop was Wiya Chicken Rice ???? at Segama. It is known as the oldest chicken rice shop in KK town too! Sitted at a two storey lot, one can always proceed upstairs for air conditioning but do you know that they are charging 50 cents per pax for it? Sorry to tell that we compromised for such ridiculous charges, because the weather is unbearably hot out there.

    wiya chic2

    Cool air comes with a price. Simply outrageous!

    wiya chic3

    Teh C Peng (RM 2) – a perfect thirst quencher. Even though it’s more like a Kuching thing, but most Teh C Peng that we had around KK are really nice!

    wiya chic4

    The pyramid shaped rice was absolutely amazing, flavorful, oily and fluffy but the chicken is just like any other normal steamed chicken, nothing to shout about. Furthermore, RM5.50 for such a small portion is a tad too expensive in my humble opinion.

    2) Wiya Nasi Ayam & Kedai Kopi No.4, Block F, Segama Complex, Kota Kinabalu. Tel: (6088) 214378

    gaya str1

    After that, we spent a bit of time walking around Gaya Street. Every Sunday morning, Gaya Street is closed to traffic for the Gaya Street Fair. That’s another post on another day. Being one of the oldest street in KK, gaya street exudes an aura of idyllic charm.

    gaya str2

    Toilet Sign

    gaya str3

    Fountain on Roundabout

    gaya str4

    Old School Barber Shop

    gaya str5


    gaya str6


    We stopped by Yee Fung at Gaya Street for another round of late lunch. It is an eatery specializing in a variant of KK’s most famous dish such as ngiu zap and Sarawak laksa. But we thought that the food was pretty much mediocre.




    Ngiu Zap


    Sarawak Laksa

    3) Yee Fung Kopitiam No. 127, Jalan Gaya, Kota Kinabalu. Tel: (6088)ย  312042


    We were told that there is this shop called Fook Yuen Coffee Shop which is famous for its ‘roti kahwin’ so we showed up at Fook Yuen’s branch in Asia City. The ambiance, menu and food resembles Old Town Kopitiam very much. Kaya with thick slabs of butter sandwiched between slices of soft, fluffy white bread, it is very different from what we usually have. The bread was pillowy soft with a hint of sweetness.


    Roti Kahwin


    From left: Susu Kahwin (evaporated milk+condensed milk), Kopi Kahwin (coffee + tea), Teh Madras (with layers of evaporated milk, black tea and foam). I was amazed that I had never seen, much less tasted, Teh Madras before. Sweet and flavourful, with a hint of bitterness from the tea, it was so refreshing.


    SL’s vietnamese drip coffee. At only RM2, it was a steal.

    (4) Kedai Kopi Fook Yuen Damai Plaza PH 4, Jalan Damai, Luyang, KK.

    Gr Floor, Asia City Complex,ย  Jalan Asia City, 88000 KK.

    To be continued…


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