Magnificent Kota Kinabalu Day I (cont’)

    Right after our third round of lunch at Fook Yuen, we took a walk to the famous (5) Warisan Square and (6) Water Front. Surrounded by many finely ornamented restaurants, bars and retail stores, you will never run out of things to do and see at Warisan Square.


    cool number plate


    From Warisan Square, we crossed over to Water Front, a long boardwalk along the shore of KK.  Waterfront which houses a myriad of restaurants, bars and pubs, is a popular hangout for both locals and tourists alike.


    the grass is greener,  the sky is bluer and the sea is clearer over here


    kids having fun jumping off the deck into the blue blue sea


    We took a leisurely evening stroll along the luminous pavement at Water Front and got to the (7) Filipino market. Here, you can observe the many venders, or chow down on some tasty snacks.


    oysters, sea grapes aka green caviar, seaweeds, barbecued jumbo prawns


    made to order?


    salted fish stalls


    I took a sniff at these salted fish and the pungent, strong aroma assailed my nostrils which gave me a big shock. Haha.


    barbecued chicken wing


    A monument of swordfish overlooking the city and the beautiful rainbow that created a full arc across the sky

    We made good progress along this easily walked coastal path and reached (8) KK esplanade. Surrounded by Hyatt Regency and Wisma Merdeka shopping centre, it is an alluringly beautiful place. One can always stand against the wooden platform, overlooking the islands  opposite.


    good time to hone my photography skills


    deep in thought : what’s for dinner?


    ray of light


    By dinner time we were all really hungry and blood sugar crashes. The mission is to pick the best place to cure our hungry pangs and all of us nodded nonchalantly when someone mentioned “(9) Ocean Seafood“.


    cockles, sha bai, slipper lobster and some eerie looking fish


    lobsters, slipper lobster & mantis prawn, assorted clams, stone or fish?


    jumbo sized lobster which makes a great table centerpiece. imagine!

    With a wide array of fabulous seafood choices displayed in exotic aquarium tanks, Ocean Seafood is known as one of the most wonderful places to enjoy a leisurely dinner in the city . We were told to pick a table, and place our order while choosing the victims from the bountiful selection of fresh seafood.


    three times the size of pantai seafood restaurant


    posh interior


    The clams (RM 20 per kg) were too salty and a little overdone, which spoiled  the delicate flavor and texture of ‘sha bak’.


    Our order of tiger prawns (jumbo size, RM 30 per piece) with its delicately firm texture, was very juicy and succulent. The butter sauce was sinfully delicious too!


    Another variant being the soy sauce tiger prawns (jumbo size, RM 30 per piece) , which is quite delicious as well.


    The kam heong crabs were a little too salty aside but that aside, the richness and depth of the very fresh mud crabs was astounding.


    When in Sabah, do as the Sabah-an does. We had the Sabah Vege (sayur manis) stir fried with belacan but…our peninsular taste buds are not used to it.


    let’s feast!


    The highlight of our dinner has to be the dessert – coconut pudding (RM10). Silky smooth, rich, creamy with a distinctive coconut flavor, the pudding is to die for! I can just eat this every single day!


    KampungBoy with his (ahemmmm) coconuts.

    The staff are attentive and the service is quite good but overall, Ocean Seafood is a very touristy place. We spent about RM250++ for the above mentioned food, which is quite expensive by KK’s standard. If you don’t have a car and is traveling around the city, guess the choices are restricted to Sedco Seafood Complex (which we’ll be featuring soon) and Ocean Seafood Village.

    (9) Ocean Seafood Village. No. 4, Lorong Api-Api 3, Api-Api Centre Kota Kinabalu, Sabah 88300 (6 088) 269701, 258727 (6 088) 265701

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