Recession Food? Vicchuda Tom Yum @ Damansara Uptown


Small Note: Our write-up on Nong & Jimmy was featured in The Star Sunday Metro
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With more stories about credit crisis, mortgage meltdown and job losses, it appears we are heading towards recession, and it may not get better anytime soon. I figured I’d jump on the recession bandwagon by introducing some recession proof food that is light on the wallet but feels heavy on the stomach.

Vicchuda in Damansara Utama is a great place for some Thai food. The restaurant has done pretty well because it is simply the best – cheap, easy and quick. The owner himself originates from the southern part of Thailand too. Though Vicchuda is essentially a restaurant with Thai influnces, the menu roams freely with some Malaysian fares such as ayam paprika daging masak merah and curries too.

tomyam uptown

From top left: ayam paprik, menu, tom yum campur, kerabu perut, kailan with salted fish, cucumber with sambal belacan.

Served scalding hot, the tom yum campur is very spicy and sour, with a lot of fresh spices and herbs like lemon grass, ginger root, red shallots, lime coriander leaves, chili and kaffir lime leaves. The bits of cili padi floating on top of the clear soup may look too intimidating, do not fear as real tom yum should draw your sweat and tears. Unlike tom yum soup at other places, Vicchuda’s version has got omphhhh. It was spicy enough to make our scalp sweat but keep wanting for more.

Kerabu Perut. The tripes were thin, slighty crunchy and firm in texture. With dashes of fish sauce, lemon juice and sugar, the sauce is sweet, sour, salty and spicy. Very addictive stuff.


Apart from their specialties such as bawal masam manis udang petai, kerabu sotong, the usual fare like kangkung belacan, ayam papril, fried rice, and nasi pataya are pretty good too. We would highly recommend both kerabu perut and tomyam soup. At only RM4 to RM6 per portion (small), it is best to go for a greater variety of dishes. With 4 dishes, 2 rice and iced water, the total bill came at RM 23. Now this is what we meant by recession food…

Vicchuda Tom Yam Restaurant
24 Jalan SS21/35,
Damansara Utama
03 7722 3481

Opens from 11am to 12 midnight

(same row as Champion Duck and MayBank)

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  1. email2me says:

    The sambal petai ikan bilis also very good! I visit their Kota Damansara branch more since I stay nearby.


  2. cumidanciki says:

    well done! last time we went .. not so good. time to revisit me thinks!


  3. Bangsar-bAbE says:

    I come here quite often for lunch! =D
    The nasi goreng kerabu and nasi goreng pattaya is pretty good too!


  4. RM23?? that’s cheap!


  5. sc says:

    oh, i remember vichuda’s fiery, spicy tom yum! it was so hot! (but sure got kick!)


  6. Nic (KHKL) says:

    i’ve never had Kerabu Perut before. it has always been chicken feet…hmmm, i’m sure the perut will taste good cos it’s crunchy and smooth. yummy! ;D


  7. xin says:

    congrats on the write up!

    btw, what is kerabu perut? perut is the stomach perut?


  8. mimid3vils says:

    the perut is perut lembu? 😛


  9. J2Kfm says:

    yeah, read from somewhere this Malay tomyum of a killer ….

    but never bothered to go all the way, though can see from the highway right?

    agree with u there, REAL tomyum should draw your sweat, tears …. and then some. =P


  10. haha at least can still afford rm10pls per pax food…sigh if it gets worse..i think have to resort to rm5 chap fan, or even worse roti canai!

    touch wood touch wood..


  11. congrats that you got festured! :)


  12. xin says:

    i was in uptown and remember your post, but i forgot the add! argh, i toured the whole uptown but just couldnt find this :(


  13. zack says:

    What is the meaning of Vicchuda actually? Hurmmm.. I guest Thai Vocab btw quite nice name…


  14. GraceKL says:

    Will be visiting Taipei in May 2010 for 8 days 7 nights. Need a copy of your DIY itinenary for
    our reference as this is our first visit.
    Please send to


    kampungboycitygal Reply:

    hi grace. u can download everythign fr here – have fun!


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