Moxie Restaurant & Bar @ Damansara Heights [CLOSED]

    With a contemporary focus on food and style, Moxie is the latest addition to Maxim Image line of restaurants and cafes such as the fame Opus Bistro and Cava at Jalan Bangkung, KL. We first heard about this place from KLUE and were so keen to try it out as Opus Bistro has been impressive. The food tasting invitation from Fadlin, the restaurant manager came in when we were about to drop by, so we gladly said yes.


    Sitting on a two storey shop lot, the first floor houses a main lounge area and a VIP dining area, while the lower level is the usual dining place. I love the use of vibrant red here and there that brings energy and vivaciousness. The yankee style poster prints they sourced from US are really fun and quirky too!



    New York Yankee Boston Red Sox Posters and Prints


    The Lounge


    VIP Dining Area


    Even the name itself carries a lot of energy. Moxie is a famous carbonated drink in the US back in 1884 and “moxie” has since become a part of modern American slang meaning verve, spunk and the ability to face difficulty. Just like Moxie has got moxie! How cool!

    Moxie takes pride in their Australian meat but they do not market themselves as The Steak House. By offering other culinary fantasies such as chicken, lamb and seafood, it is sure to satisfy even the fussiest patron.



    The Starters:


    Fromage Frite (RM 18) was presented to us once we were comfortably seated. Lightly breaded and fried till golden perfection, the fromage frite was crispy, greaseless and wonderful. The creamy camembert cheese was warm, sticky, gooey and with a melt-in-your-mouth texture. It was served with a refreshing cumberland sauce and wild berry salad.


    Next, we had the Blue Crab Slaw (RM 25) wrapped in salmon gravlax and served with mixed grilled peach salad and blue cheese crumble. The small but otherwise fine crab meat slaw and the salmon gravlax, served cold has got mixed reviews from us. KampungBoy find the crab slaw mushy and watery but I can live with that because the meat was really sweet and flavourful.


    Another solid appetizer pick that spurred a surprise – Parcel of Seafood Melange (RM 22). Beneath the crispy phyllo pastry, it was an erotic combination of scallops, crab and shrimp that encourages a lusty appetite! We love it to bits.


    Some tummy warmer? The Wild Forest Mushroom (RM 17), slowly simmered with thyme and Gruyère de Comté, and then aromatically finished with truffle oil was thick enough to be eaten with a fork. Aromatic and delightful, this is not your average canned mushroom soup with nothing but starch.


    The Mains:

    Roasted Olive Croûte Cod (RM 56). Impeccably fresh and juicy, the olive crusted North American cod was a flaky perfection! The aubergine caviar roasted with basil, thyme, paprika and black pepper was really awesome too. The verjuice (a very acidic juice made by pressing unripe grapes) was refreshing, accentuating the natural flavour of the lightly seared cod. We would highly recommend this!


    Pan-roasted Chateaubriand (RM 62). The Chateaubriand steak is  a cut from the head of tenderloin and was huge enough to serve two. The steak was pan-roasted and served with sautéed wild forest mushrooms, vegetable dauphine and au jus.  Though it is a quality cut and was cooked just right, there isn’t any surprise element to it.


    Cattleman’s Barbequed Short Ribs (RM 59). The juicy Texan-style beef short ribs were smoked overnight with barbequed anchovy chili sauce and served with mashed potatoes and broccoli. Tasty is how we could describe this signature dish of Moxie. The meat is fork-tender, and the sauce is wonderfully tangy. Another winner!

    For those who prefer their beef in its natural unadorned glory, Moxie is offering a selection of premium cuts (Australian 200 Days Grain Fed & Australian Black Angus Gourmet Pasture Fed Beef ). Feel free to select the cut you desire, the accompanying sauce/mustard of your choice and various individually priced side dishes from RM 4 to RM 6. You can even add foie gras at RM 35!


    Every meal deserves a sweet ending and we were being treated right with the Marquise de Moxie (RM 16). Imagine layers of chocolate flourless cake, coffee crème Chantilly, candied walnuts, toasted almonds and French meringue – could anyone ask for more?


    The Banana Toffee Pie (RM 14) deserves a special mention here. English toffee, marie graham crust, grated chocolate and local golden bananas, all baked together into one glorious pie. It was so delicious that we were (literally) fighting for it (after 5 starters & 3 main courses). We even licked the oozing delicious toffee cream clean.



    February’s Promotion

    Moxie is more than just an exciting addition to KL’s dining scene. It has got indisputable food quality, just like its reputable sister outlets at Jalan Bangkung. Though ‘glam’ dining as such is not light on the pocket (for us lar), Moxie still warrants a revisit. As I am writing this, I can’t help but to keep thinking about the seafood parcel, the cod fish and my banana toffee pie!

    44 Jln Medan Setia 2
    Plaza Damansara
    Bukit Damansara, KL.
    Tel: 03-2095 0016


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