Malaysia Airlines Flight Simulator Experience

    How many people get to experience the thrill of flying a jet airliner? We were so excited when MAS invited us for a flight simulator session at Subang Airport.

    What exactly is a flight simulator? From Wikipedia: A flight simulator is a system that tries to copy, or simulate, the experience of flying an aircraft. It is as realistic as possible. The different types of flight simulator range from video games up to full-size cockpit replicas mounted on hydraulic (or electromechanical) actuators, controlled by state of the art computer technology.


    The fortunate bunch – Red Mummy, Sultan Muzaffar, Rojaks and other bloggers.

    Saw the little white box behind? Yes, it is the official flight simulator on which all MAS pilots conduct their training on. It is so realistic that commercial pilots can complete 100% of their training in the simulator, without the need to fly real aircraft until their first commercial flight.


    Before climbing aboard, our instructor gave us a pre-flight briefing. Now here we go -switch on the seat belt sign and prepare to take off.


    This is the screen of a very sophiscated system that provides a variety of conditions and interactive mission. We can choose to fly anywhere in the world, anytime (choose from dusk, dawn, day or night).


    The interior cockpit of flight simulator.


    Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking…


    Pretty Red Mummy: On behalf of the flight crew, let me welcome you aboard…

    mas simulation flight_small

    Thank you for flying with Malaysia Airlines, we’ll be cruising at 35000ft… (sounds familiar?)






    A scenic view of London in the evening.


    Nose up and preparing to land




    Greasy smooth or bumpy landing? The approach plot will tell you all, as you can see, KampungBoy did a not so smooth landing (bottom graph, red line) but overall he was  a good pilot for a good 20 minutes! LOL


    After the 20 minutes session, each of us received a certificate as a memento.

    mas simulation flight1_small


    Though the flight simulator is nothing likea theme park or amusement arcade ride, it is terribly fun and thrilling! The good news is, MAS has decided to open it to the public, where off duty pilots and engineering teams will guide you through the session and there is a price to pay for it – RM 500 for 20 minutes. Any takers?


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