Citygal’s 24th (the secret that’s not so secret anymore)

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    To my friends, families and readers, thanks for the well wishes! The overwhelming awesomeness everyone showed me this past week was much appreciated but I have to disappoint you guys. We are not, despite several rumours to the contrary, engaged to be married. We can’t help but have a little giggle about this but we’ll figure it out when the time comes.

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    I have been sick; my throat is getting scratchy and my nose is running and I am no better on my birthday. So, I spent a rather quiet day with KampungBoy, no party and no merry-making. It was really sweet of him to surprise me with a little blue box with the perfect white ribbon. It doesn’t matter what comes wrapped in that little blue box, because it is among the most favourite gift a girl could possibly receive.

    Thanks, the interlocking ring put a smile upon my face.

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    The birthday dinner was a simple one, nothing extravagantly expensive. We headed to Izakaya Ichiban at Plaza Damas for some hearty and good Japanese food. It’s no frills and unpretentious place with minimal dรฉcor and ordinary lighting, like a ???. There were plenty of Japanese diners which are probably a good sign too.

    Kaki Mayo Yaki (Baked Oyster with Spicy Mayo). The fresh and juicy topped with spicy mayo are absolutely delicious! The sides of stir fry enoki mushrooms, shitake mushrooms and capsicums goes really well with the oysters too.

    Ika Shio (Japanese Grilled Squid). All happily glazed in some fresh lemon juice, the ika was a bit savoury and moist with but not chewy. It tasted so delicious on its own, without the need to use any other seasonings.
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    For our toro (salmon belly) don and wagyu beef don, the portions were pretty generous but we find it mediocre. Nonetheless, it’s a steal to indulge in toro and wagyu beef at only RM 30++.

    With quite an extensive sake list, Ikaya Ichiban is a nofrills place to meet up with friends for a pint and bite. We’ll come back to check out the other items in the menu for sure.

    Izakaya Ichiban
    Lot P-3M
    Plaza Ground Floor
    Hartamas Shopping Centre
    Jalan Sri Hartamas
    Kuala Lumpur
    Tel No: 03 – 6201 5905


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