Yogitree @ The Gardens, Mid Valley City


    Awareness towards healthy eating is growing and I often find myself torn – to be a granola-eating idealist or of just screw it, eat everything? As time goes by, I do realize that the same old universally applicable principles of variety, moderation and balance still work no matter what. So, here I am, alternating from one to another and most importantly, enjoy my food!

    However, KampungBoy is very skeptical towards anything “healthy” or “organic”. He can’t stop rolling his eyes inwardly when I suggested lunch at Yogitree. Sigh, men and their carnivorous gluttony.


    Tucked at a corner near to Isetan’s departmental store, Yogitree has never failed to caught my eyes. Mismatched furniture in a uniform color tone, chalk blackboard with specials written all over it, gorgeous cake showcase – these items blend in with the entire restaurant’s soothing atmosphere.


    Yogitree emphasize on going back to basic cooking and the use of fresh, natural and largely organic ingredients. They also boast daily blackboard specials that will make your mouth water! On another side of the restaurant, there is this yoga specialty shop where yoga fanatics can find themselves busy picking and buying attires and equipments over here.


    I spotted some other interesting items with Asian flavors such as hainanese chicken rice (with brown rice and organic chicken, can you imagine?) and nasi lemak where most the expats around us were having. It does make an excuse for a revisit, no?


    Here’s some fruit juices to start our day! Simple and unpretentious, the fresh watermelon juice has a clean fresh taste to it.


    Here comes the Full English Breakfast (RM 25) that comes with bacon, chicken sausage, organic eggs, organic home made baked beans, mushrooms, toast, fresh juice, coffee or tea. The portion isn’t exactly big, but just nice for a satisfying brunch. I thought the home made chicken sausage is so tasty and would be a great deal less fat than regular sausages. Compared to canned baked beans, our home made baked beans are considerably tangier and the beans are firm. Those baked beans were cooked from scratch and it sounds so intimidating to us (given up hopes to replicate it at home!)

    KampungBoy secretly loves it because he stops offering me his food after I took a small bite on everything.


    Quiche Lorraine with Bacon (RM 15). Even if it is ridiculously expensive at such small serving portion, I love it to every bit. It was creamy, rich and flavorful with tiny strips of bacons here and there.


    Famous for their desserts that use real butter and organic flour, you definitely want to leave room for that wonderful homemade cakes/pies – churned right there! Our Pure Chocolate Truffle Torte (RM 12) is excellent, dense and moist but not cloyingly sweet. KampungBoy ended up having more of it than me!


    Cute lil Girl – not for sales


    All in all, Yogitree is a very charming, relaxing restaurant with excellent food so go with an empty stomach because you will leave with you belt open. It has totally changed KampungBoy’s perception towards healthy eating too. Healthy food can be as mouthwatering as creamy pasta or a sumptuous pork burger if it is done the right way.

    The Yogitree
    F-237B, Level 1,
    The Gardens, Midvalley City,
    Kuala Lumpur.
    Contact: 03-2282 6213 | Opening Hours: 10 am –10 pm daily


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