RM 1.20 Nasi Lemak @ Selera Jaya 223


    On a totally random night, KampungBoy brought me to Selera Jaya 223 for some piping hot nasi lemak and boy, I was hooked after that. I have been begging him to take me here for supper almost every week! As you can see, the place is bustling with activities, even after 12 am, which make it a great place for hang out session.


    Mind you that the vendors here are very territorial and they will lead you to their “little territory” before darting away to some new customers again. you can only order drinks from certain stalls, depending on where you were seated. We have always preferred to sit at some blue coloured table at the right side of the food court, because the drinks are really nice! The milo ice (RM 1.60) deserves a special mention here; as it is very kao and and not overly sweet.


    One can choose from two type of nasi lemak here – Yati’s (red label) or Suri’s (blue label). As you can see, our favourite remains Yati’s despite the fact that most people loves Suri’s. Suri’s version has comes with some fiery sambal which I can’t really tolerate. Yati’s sambal is sweeter and goes really well with the hot and fluffy nasi lemak. Well, it really depends on individual.


    Our RM 1.20 nasi lemak comes with the usual condiments such as sambal, fried anchovies, roasted peanuts and half a hard boiled egg.  Being served hot all the time, the amazing fragrance of the rice will waft out, which drives us wild! Usually I’ll take 3 packets of these (heck, it’s only RM 3.60) while KampungBoy will down 5 packets of these when he’s starving!


    We have got very nice and prompt services here as well. If the packaging of the nasi lemak feels cold to your touch, you can always ask them to bring a new batch over. Even the sambal, fried anchovies and roasted peanuts are free flow!


    Otak-otak too, is selling like hot cakes here. At only RM0.50/RM0.60 (depending on which stall) per piece, it makes a great snack!

    Do come by anytime to experience some hot and piping nasi lemak. You wont’t regret it. You might see us gobbling down our nasi lemak like there’s no tomorrow too!

    Map to Nasi Lemak 223



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