Yishensu – A Vegetarian Connoisseur @ One Utama


    KampungBoy loves his meat and he is one of those who sneer at the idea of vegetarian food just like how some of us sneer at the Malaysian party of balance scale. To celebrate his pal YJ’s birthday, he has no choice but to make a reluctant move to Yishensu because the birthday boy wants to do vegetarian on his big day. Clean up the toxic waste in your body, my dear.

    Yishensu is tastefully decorated and the restaurant’s interior has a refined and tranquil literary atmosphere. The restaurant was almost full by the time they arrived, with ½ of the restaurant having a wedding celebration for a Chinese couple.


    To start off, Vege Bread Roll with Fruit Salad (RM15) made of vegetarian ham, cucumber, carrot wrapped with bread and deep fried is ordered. Appearance wise, it was a winner with the myriad of colors but taste wise, it was a let down.


    Fried Rice (RM 9). Never judge a book by its cover. It turned out to be the best dish. Full of wok hei, the fluffy fried rice was very aromatic. A must order item in Yishensu, so said KampungBoy and the rest.


    Abalone served with Mushrooms and Brocolli (RM 18). A simple dish, added with splashes of luxury – (mock) abalone slices.


    Emperor ToFu (RM 16). The smooth silky home made tofus were stuffed with some mock meat. Even without a blindfold, it is often impossible to different the mock meat from the real deal.


    Braised Mushroom and Chicken with Noodles (RM 9). The home made noodles are meant to resemble wantan noodles, but they’re way too starchy and soft for a braised dish.


    The Dried Curry Fish (RM 22) is truly delicious. The curry was thick and creamy but not overly. Good to go with some white rice.


    Fried Oat Prawn (RM 18). The outer layers coated with oats were really crunchy, while the mock prawns tasted a bit off which the guys did not enjoy very much.


    Yishensu has certainly changed our perception towards vegetarian food because the only thing that we can relate to vegans is the conventional stuff such as greens and bean curds. If you are willing to try something new, do drop by but mind you that the prices are a little steep and there’s some hits and misses in their dishes. They are charging RM 3 each for green tea and white rice, so the total bill comes to about RM 150++.



    The night ended with a drinking session at Long Bar, One World Hotel. Happy birthday to YJ. Wishing you another year of happiness and joy.

    Yishensu – A Vegetarian Connoisseur
    1 Utama Shopping Mall, Petaling Jaya
    Telephone : +603 77294313
    Fax : +603 56201150


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