Wang Chiew Seafood Restaurant @ SS2, PJ


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Few months back, we stumble upon Wang Chiew Seafood Restaurant by chance and have never looked back since. Cheap, decent dai chow in a air-conditioned place is hard to come by nowadays.

The Indonesian Seafood Curry Tofu (RM 8 ) came in a beautiful hue of yellow was laden with chunks of seafood and long bricks of tofu. The creamy curry sauce was definitely flavorful and gives the tofu a spicy satisfying kick. To savor every bite of the concoction, drizzle the curry sauce over your bowl of fluffy white rice. Mmmmmm..

Here comes the porky goodness – Claypot Pork Ribs (RM 10). The ribs were coated with a glistening, sweet-tart, tangy sauce that is very appetizing as well. The pork ribs looked chunky and dry, which concerned me at first, but I was oh so pleasantly surprised at it’s wonderful flavor and tenderness.

The stir-fry kang kong (RM 6) was decent enough to provide interesting diversions from all thing meaty but some how it lacks the wow factor.

Total damage? RM 28 for two but the food can easily feed four because we ended up take away the leftovers. We think that Wang Chiew provides great food at a very reasonable price. This Indonesian Seafood Curry dish and Assam Steamed Fish (on a separate occasion) was excellent and worth going back for anytime.

Wang Chiew Seafood Restaurant
30, Jalan ss2/103
47300 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 03-77223662
Business Hour: 11.30am-10.30pm

If you are coming from Damansara, turn left after the balai bomba ss2, go straight until you see Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan SEA. Wang Chiew (3 shoplots at the middle) is somewhere behind the school.

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  1. emilycs says:

    their food is definitely ” a must try”


  2. Chin says:

    You hit the bull’s eye. Good food at reasonable price.


  3. J2Kfm says:

    I see more and more SS2 goodies …

    and yet everytime I went, it’s either Murni or KTZ. hmmm, gotta expand my searches. thanks…


  4. xin says:

    yummmmm. have never seen this shop before, but will mark down in my notebook :) the pork ribs looks so worth a try!


  5. Precious Pea says: old territory. Used to live within walking distance to this restaurant and we dined here at least once a week. If their standard didn’t drop, highly recommend to you their Har Mai Sang Cheong (Dried Shrimp with Pig’s intestine), very good! Their steamed fish also pretty reasonably priced and i love their soya gravy, taste very well adjusted.


  6. cumi&ciki says:

    you’ve changed your look.. what happenend to your cute banner.. i miss that!


  7. my friend who live there told me once about this row of shops… but I never really pay any attention to what he said.
    It’s like you’ve hit my head and wake me up… will drive there once day…


  8. Timothy Low says:

    Nothing like a good .. value-for-money meal eh? With the current economy condition, it’s always good to keep a list of good value places to makan …. thanks for the info.


  9. ling239 says:

    i think i know where this is, tks ! ^_^


  10. Tummythoz says:

    Changed look again? *sigh* If only I’m as dedicated. This look quite serious-o.

    TQ for such a good recommendation.


  11. Simon Seow says:

    Price really up already. Last I read it’s RM 140 for the set T_T. If I ask a date to come here then I’ll have to fork out RM 280 wah liao.


  12. Simon Seow says:

    @Simon Seow
    Oops, I meant RM 320


  13. Simon Seow says:

    OMG what is this? I put comment in the wrong post.


  14. rokh says:

    whoa and it was since few months back that you had been enjoying! now i the answer when the inevitable question comes at meal time “where to eat?”


  15. rokh says:

    now i know the answer when the inevitable question comes at meal time “where to eat?”


  16. myCoffee says:

    Is this place near where the old “New Paris” used to be?


  17. emilycs: i agree! nice n cheap

    chin: at time like these, have to scout for cheap food lo :(

    james: haha i never go bac to murni after i saw rodens running around..come call me n i can bring u around

    xin: yes yes and the indon seafood tofu so yummy can die

    pea: whoa can imagine u goin there every nite..will mark down ur suggestions

    cumi n ciki: is looking for a better theme rite now..the old one has some prob

    thule: yes yes was amazed by the price

    tim: yeap..will try to do most posts on hawker fare now

    ling: haha tell me how was it k

    tummythoz: serious = boring :(

    rokh: exactly! they do single meal at rm 5 per portion nice

    my coffee: i dun reli know wheres the old paris..but i do know tat its far from the new paris..hehe..its quite near to tropicana mall though..


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