Kepong Food Crawl Part II – Gou Lou Chao Fern & Tim Pan Gor Gor

    kepong fd crawl

    A food crawl isn’t complete with only satays right? Our walking food guide, Simon suggested Kou Lou Chao Fern (Tall Man’s Fried Noodles) at Kepong Dai Gai (Jalan Besar Kepong) as the next destination. Our eyes lit up immediately, and everyone started to nod frantically because we were famished!

    “Take us there, NOW!”

    So here we are, at this nostalgic looking coffee shop name Seng Yuen. The coffee shop was full, with tables spilling out onto the corridor as well. We leave it all to Simon to take the orders while we found ourselves busy snapping pictures around.


    Our food took forever to come, so we subjected our hunger to warm tea, and more warm tea which did not help one bit. We were here before 11 pm and we started eating only at 12 am!


    Simon’s Expression – an hour before

    Simon’s Expression – an hour later

    My favourite – Kong Fu Yin Yeong (RM 6) was the first to arrive. Drenched in eggy starchy sauce, laden with generous helpings of vegetables, fishcake, pork slices and prawns, it sure looks good. However, I took a bite and was disappointed that the noodles tasted pretty bland. Down it with more chili sauce, says WMW.


    Kou Lou’s signature noodles – Hokkien Mee (RM 12). This was alright; the only let down would be a lack of wok hei. Down it with more lards, says WMW. All were forgiven after I stirred in those deep fried greasy cubes into my bowl of noodle. The hokkien mee emerged as the best dish that night.


    Braised Yee Mee (RM 6) – Palatable and nothing fantastic.

    kepong fd crawl1

    Guess the old uncle was too tired dealing with the massive crowd that night. Given Simon’s raving and witnessed the number of patrons that wait patiently for their plate of hokkien mee, it still warrants a possible future visit.

    Despite feeling rather full from the food that we had, desserts always have an extra space. So, we dropped by Tim Pan Gor Gor (opposite Carrefour) for some sweet soups and desserts.




    almond sweet soup + black sesame sweet soup (RM 3.30)
    almond sweet soup + red bean soup + lotus seed (RM 3.30)

    I love the varieties this place has as they are not the usual things that you get, ie flavored taufufa, mango noodles, mochi and various mixed tong sui.No complains for the sweet soups as the combinations were really nice an special.WMW and Jason shared the mango noodles. The strands of noodles sure look like the usual hor fun but they were actually jellies.

    We called it a night at 1 am and guess how much we spent? RM 15 per person! Pretty amazing isn’t it? Next food crawl – Seri Kembangan? Old Klang Road? Or Puchong?


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