Kepong Food Crawl Part I – Sen Kee Duck Satay



    Four crazy floggers embarked on a gastronomic journey to Kepong one night (for full story, read here). Without knowing every nooks and crooks beyond the Damansara/Kepong toll, it was an impromptu trip – we just got to know the destination after we hopped onto the car!

    WMW and I dreaded to read the map. The reason? Read up “why men don’t listen and women don’t read map”. So we put all our faith and trust to Jason to guide us to (da dum!) Taman Ehsan Jaya for duck satay that was introduced by vkeong not long ago! Half way through, we picked up Simon who resides in Kepong and was told that we were heading towards the wrong direction! Jason ar Jason…


    Makan Kaki


    The spicy and creamy peanut sauce complements the smoky-sweet elements of the satays beautifully. Jason downed the sauce till the last drop.


    The satay came piping hot in a short while after we placed our order. The duck satay is very similar to the usual chicken satay that we ate, being a little sticky, a little sweet and smoky. The distinctive difference would be the very interesting texture – grease free and extra chewy but with a crunch.

    I love the chicken satay to every bit because it is full of flavor and the chewy texture of duck meat. The best thing is it costs only RM 0.60 per stick, which is slightly cheaper than my (old) favourite Satay Haji Samuti. WMW and me even ordered extra sticks to go!

    When’s the next food crawl, fellow floggers? :p

    Sen Kee Satay
    Jalan 12, Taman Desa Jaya
    Tel : 019-218 7538/019-249 2572
    Opens from about 6pm – 10.30pm
    Close on Mondays

    Teaser on Kepong Food Crawl Part II:



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