Senjyu Sushi @ Cineleisure, Mutiara Damansara

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How was your Christmas? We hope that you had an enjoyable and memorable Christmas. Ours was pathetic though. KampungBoy was down with flu so we stayed home on the Christmas Eve and to make up for it, we went for simple Christmas lunch at Senjyu Sushi. We found the restaurant (surprisingly) empty on a public holiday –this made us hesitate at first, since this is usually a bad sign. However, we stuck it out and I’m glad we did.



Senjyu Sushi, which is related to Sakae Sushi from Singapore, has nothing much in common.  Senjyu Sushi is an upmarket sushi place, with nice sleek décor, gorgeous pieces of copper cranes and a dark ambiance while Sakes Sushi is fun, casual and comes with a reasonable price tag.

We were served with freshly grated wasabi first. It has a sharp and clean, unlike the usual wasabi paste that we have in other sushi joints. Other than ordering from the menu, one can pick plates after plates of sushi from the conveyor belt. DO note that nothing is cheap here; it ranges from RM 4 for simple cucumber maki to RM 16 for luxurious item such as wagyu beef sushi.



  Inari Roll (RM 4 ++)




Senjyu Sushi is running a lunch promotion with bento set ranges from RM 39.90 to RM 42.90. Sushi and Soba Set (RM 42.90 ++) was the obvious choice, since KampungBoy can only take “ching” food as such.

We were clearly amused by the sushi with longer piece of fish. We can easily wrap it around the rice and eat it. How convenient!



The tempuras were a huge let down. Although they were all freshly made (as we can see from the open kitchen), but the batter was hard, lumpy and greasy.



Soba Noodles










The Foie gras and oyster mentai maki (RM 24.90 ++) belongs to me since someone was too ill to indulge in such rich food. Imagine thin crispy outer layer and  the burst of hot liquid liver of bite size lightly seared foie gras. It was an instant bliss.



No complains for the oyster maki as well. It was topped with some sweet, plump and juicy oyster with some sweet pink colored mayo lathered between.



Dessert – Coffee Jelly with Coffee Syrup

senjyu sushi



Citygal @ Senjyu Sushi & KampungBoy @ ermmm Wendy’s (recovered and eating Wendy’s fries like there’s no tomorrow)

Total damange? RM 87 for two. It is definitely not a place that we can afford to dine in anytime. Service is extremely attentive, almost over attentive at times. We felt like most of the staffs were glaring at us throughout our meal. Other than this, we reckoned that the food is slightly more expensive than other sushi places in town but you get what you pay for.

Senjyu Sushi
Lot G2 & G3 Ground Floor,
Cineleisure Damansara.
Tel: 03-77279028
Fax: 03-77269028


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  • ai wei says:

    happy holiday!
    guess it was really a BIG damage for this meal. but then once a while is okay larrr. hehehe

    i find ur oyster maki n quite interesting !

  • J2Kfm says:

    hahaha.. recovered and so fast went for fries?!!

    foei gras and oysters? wagyu?!! certainly took kaiten sushi to another level …

  • eiling says:

    OMG i think senjyu sushi is the answer to my Foie Gras-Jap food cravings. I must really try that Foie Gras sushi. so brilliant la the chef! I like the deco too. very tasteful. Happy holidays!

  • jasmine says:

    i still haven’t tried the foie gras & oyster maki…maybe another time. but agree with you on how “over-attentive” the staff were… upmarket kononnya. 😛

  • Simon Seow says:

    Foie gras and oyster mentai maki my favourites. According to the staff there the wasabi is airflown, not freshly grated. Or did they change to freshly grate the wasabi already? changed to a simpler header.

  • rokh says:

    “recovered and eating Wendy’s fries like there’s no tomorrow”
    hahahahaha 😉

  • sc says:

    Happy New Year KampungboyCitygal! Have a great one!

  • xin says:

    happy new year to u! :)
    hope kampungboy is well by now 😀
    when i go there, i will order the foie gras, it looks so jeng

  • myCoffee says:

    I love foie gras. Must go and try their foie gras and the oyster sushi.
    Btw, Happy New Year!

  • YilingL says:

    ishk why eiling always comment before me?? anyway, yeah the oyster and foir gras maki looks really awesome! the dessert ‘bowl’ looks cute like the osim u-pilot chair!

  • As cineleisure is one of my fav place to watch movie… it was quite surprising that I didn’t notice this place sooner until a few weeks ago. I was not too hungry and therefore, didn’t try their food. But I still browsed through their menu.. and realised that their price is above average sushi joints around.

    Anyway, it seems to have a good review from you. Will try that out soon… blow a hole in the pocket once in a while still OK la… Happy NEw year

  • HarbX says:

    Looks very good the food, very nice pictures also!

    Must give this place a go – happy new year!

  • Vincent Low says:

    Being there on 12dec with family .Food is ok not outstanding.Ordered 2 sets and one soft shell crab. First set came but not the one that l order, have to send it back. Waited awhile then the right set came and have to waited awhile more , check with the staff why second set took so long.Before the second set arrive have to remind twice. Finish eating second set and still soft-shell crab still haven’t arrive. Check with waitress again on status and it seems that they put in the order but the kitchen left it out.Fed up with waiting game so just pay my bill without the crab and be on my way….
    verdict : Best of luck with this type of service.

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