Formosa Taiwanese Restaurant @ Sunway Pyramid



Here’s a short post to end the week. Happy holiday everyone!
Have you ever been to Asian Avenue @ Sunway Pyramid? Other than the blasting music and pops of colourful fashion statement that spells “YOUNG”, it is a food paradise, a snack paradise to be precise.




Local snacks? Korean snacks? Yokomon ice cream? We settled into this little stall known as Formosa instead. We had a Taiwanese Fried Chicken Set that comes with a separate serving of lu rou fan (braised pork with rice) and zhen zhu nai cha (bubble milk tea). The lu rou fan was quite a pleasure to the palate; imagine soft fluffy rice drizzled with greasy braised meat gravy. The simplest and tastiest dish ever! However, the Taiwanese fried chicken was a HUGE disappointment, even Uncle Bob’s fares better. Boney, tough and dry, we left it untouched after a few bites.



Our order of Da Chang Bao Xiao Chang (Taiwanese Sausage with Glutinous Rice) is delicious! Sweet chewy Taiwanese sausage and slightly salty glutinous rice were such perfect match.

Total damage? RM 12 if I recall it correctly. With some hits and misses, I wouldn’t mind a revisit considering the reasonable pricing, especially at “time like this”.  Oh maybe no? THE Government is confident that Malaysia will not slip into a “technical recession” anytime soon. What’s your take on this?

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  • email2me says:

    I thought this restaurant related to the old one in SS2. Guess it is not.

    The Taiwan Sausage looks nice …. will go and try it over the weekends.

  • sc says:

    oooh, i love lu rou fan..those fatty pork chopped into tiny bits and braised till meltingly smooth :) and always have weakness for taiwanese sausages. sad to hear about the bad chicken though.

  • J2Kfm says:

    wah realised you guys went Asian Avenue a lot for food.
    i never know any good eateries existed there.

    thanks for the guidance …

  • Criz Lai says:

    Well, I’m not so sure for the taste but the look of the food does not impressed me although it’s real cheap.

  • Once again, the government is refusing to admit a spade as a spade. We’re going to be hit HARD next year and there’s already evidence of that starting within our immediate network of friends and associates. Looking out for cheaper food is an inevitable measure!

  • tummythoz says:

    Da Chang Bao Xiao Chang sounds more like Big sausage wrap small sausage. Quite comical to me. =P

  • Simon Seow says:

    LOL. At first I thought Formosa in SS2 opened an outlet in Sunway Pyramid.

  • xin says:

    i think our garment is really optimistic. lol.

    me is interested in the ‘big wrap small sausage’, looks good!

  • bayi says:

    This is very popular in Taiwan, easily available among the food hawkers by the roadside. Tastes quite good too. I can’t recall the price but I think it’s less than RM10.00 per order.

  • Subang Boy says:

    Need to try their Oyster Mee Suah as well. It reminds me of Ah Zong Mee Suah in Taipei, though the taste is still a distant away.

  • Anonymous says:

    You should give the Taiwanese fried chicken one more try. Tried few times there, not bad, the fried chicken is tender and juicy.

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