Christmas All Day Special @ Pick n’ Brew, One Utama [CLOSED]



We were so glad that IT was over. The last week or so we have been cramming like crazy so to reward ourselves, we had a little dinner celebration at Pick n Brew. We were so lucky that busy buzzy Jackson was around the other day, so upon his recommendation, we opt for the Christmas All Day Special Set (RM 28++) that comes with a soup of the day, a main course and a drink.



Eggnog Latte (RM 15). A festive drink in US and Canada, it is a perfect blend of sweet eggy caffeinated goodness with some mild hint of brandy.


Christmas Carol & Minty Christmas


Flavorful, rich and aromatic, the pumpkin soup was very comforting despite being a little runny.


Grilled red mullet on stewed assorted beans
Drenched in delicious gravy, the fish fillet is no doubt, fresh and succulent. While being a big fan of beans in all form, I polished the plate clean.


Oven baked stuffed chicken with soft mushroom polenta and sautéed vegetables.
A medley of fresh herbs infuses the stuffing for the roasted chicken breasts, resulting in a very flavorful dish. Polenta is course Italian corn meal and the subtle flavor of it goes very well with any gravy. I can’t help but to keep digging in!


Pan fried breaded lamb on fondant potatoes and braised red cabbages
A delicious, tender and the lean cut of lamb with nutty crust is pan fried to perfection. Baked to a rich golden color, the fondant potato is rich and creamy while the sweet and sour red cabbage gave a very refreshing touch.


Beef escalope and lobster tail with sautéed mushroom and grilled potato
A lean cut of beef escalope with caramelized onion topping make a winning combination in this fabulous, flavorsome main. The delectable lobster tail is sure to delight any seafood lover too.


Sweet Ending – chocolate log cake, multi grain cookies with mocha pot coffee. Although feeling rather stuffed, I can’t stop munching on the light and chewy multi grain cookies!


With reasonable pricing and attentive services, we thought that Pick n Brew is the place to go for a relaxing afternoon or casual get together. The Christmas all day set has given us a mood of festivity; which reminds me that I’m not done with my Christmas shopping. Ops!

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  1. ekeng says:

    Pick n’ Brew. Here i come. Hehehe :)


  2. Christine says:

    It’s value for money :) Can’t get all of those with this price around here… sobz.. Looks good!
    Glad the tough days are over for u guys :) Can enjoy Christmas and new year already rite!


  3. Isn’t it great how the season just screams indulgence? Bring on the lobster tails, fa la la la la…


  4. J2Kfm says:

    the eggnog latte comes with the meal?

    the steak and lobster combo may work for me. did you inform Jackson about the runny soup then?


  5. Samuel says:

    Nice post…address pls? :)


  6. ekeng: hehe heard about that..congrats!

    christine: haha faster come back then

    550ml jar of faith: yeap very festive menu!

    james: add on another rm 10 for the eggnog latte..yep told him already :p

    samuel: its at One Utama..near to one world hotel


  7. Simon Seow says:

    Forgot to adjust white balancing? Seems a bit yellowish.


  8. jason says:

    The eggnog latte is definitely something new for me.


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