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Our Deepavali week was a great one where we manage to meet up with KampungBoy’s sister and her family at Yuzu for lunch. Tucked away in a rather secluded corner at The Gardens, Yuzu is elegantly trimmed in a warm zen-like ambiance and the sophisticated interior here manages to make one forget about the strip center location.

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To cure our hunger pangs, King Prawn Roll (RM28) and Tamago Roll (RM 6) were ordered. The king prawn roll is liberally stuffed with prawn, salmon and avocado but we were not entirely blown away by it. Cawanmushi (RM 8 ) and edamame (boiled soy bean, RM 8 ) were presented to KampungBoy’s cute little nephew and he was more than happy to help himself with it.

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Aji sashimi (horse mackerel, RM 55), yogowa sashimi (RM 35), shiro maguro (white tuna, RM 35), salmon sashimi (RM 20)

Served on crushed ice, with wasabi and seaweeds along side, our order of assorted sashimi came in a little wood bucket. Aji sashimi was thick and sweet and obviated any need for soy while the deep fried aji fish bones are deliciously crunchy! The shiro maguro and salmon slices was beautifully marbled with a nearly dissolved in the tongue texture. Each bite is pure heaven! All the sashimis were perfectly fresh with intense sea flavors, a great harbinger of things to come.





Then we were (sort of) put-off when the uni/sea urchin (RM 150) arrived to our table. Uni aren’t exactly pretty, with its jiggly tongue like flesh in bold yellow color (reminds me of baby poops, ops!). “First, wrap a piece of seaweed around the sashimi, give it a quick dip, then eat”, says the waitress. Holding up the seaweed and scoop the uni in cautiously, I knew that we were all wrong the moment I put it into my mouth. Despite its hideous appearance, it does make up in flavor – fresh-tasting, custardy soft, slightly briny and subtly sweet.




Here comes the set while brings more value for money. Yuzu Bento (RM 38) is a special bento box with sushi, deep fried chicken, tempura, small soba, appetizers, egg custard, pickles, salad, small braised dish, tea pot soup, puddings and fruits.



KampungBoy’s sister who loves seafood had the Gyu Karubi Toubanyaki and Seafood Set (RM48) with sliced Japanese beef in hot plate and stone grilled salmon, scallop and prawn.



Lastly, we shared the Yuzu Gozen (RM 48) with assorted sashimi, assorted sushi, tempura, stone grilled beef, egg custard, 2 small appetizers, salads, fruits and tea pot soup. The best item has to be the stone-grilled Japanese beef with a heavenly scent of soy-seasoned seared beef. Grilled to perfection, the beef is succulent but retains a beautiful firm texture. Four small little cubes are too little to feed us!




Unadon (RM 20)



A soupy dish where everyone gives their two thumbs up – Ginmutsu Tofu Nabe (RM 68) with cod fish, soft fish cake, bean curd and vegetables came in a unique pot made of special washi paper. The cod fish is best eaten with accompanying special spicy sauce which brings out the sweet flavour of it very well. All of us like the soft fish cake very well too, it’s very different from the usual Chinese fish cake. The soup base with yuzu rinds has lent a subtly pleasant aroma to the soup, which added explosions of flavor along with the clear soup.

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The Cutest Gap Mannequin Ever!

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 Thanks for buying us the scrumptious meal!

Though a meal at Yuzu can take a chunk out of the monthly entertainment budget, it is generally worth it for the excellent quality and ambiance. For something that is light on the pocket, one can always go for the set meal which can easily feed two. The wait staff is always friendly, attentive and knowledgeable about everything on the menu too. I wouldn’t mind returning to Yuzu for some quality Japanese food in the future.

Yuzu Japanese Restaurant
T236, 3rd Floor
The Gardens
Valley City
Kuala Lumpur
Tel No: 03 – 2284 7663


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  1. Precious Pea says:

    Am impressed with the portion of the sets! I am drooling at the sight of the sea urchin. Goes very well with Japanese rice!


  2. Christine says:

    Japanese food always drools me without fail ;P
    This place provide very good service :)
    Will revisit for sure.


  3. wah wat a nice treat…the sashimi normally is the culprit for burning the wallet..


  4. Nic (KHKL) says:

    nice top shots of the bento sets! woah, hafta stand on the chair to get this kinda shot, right? hehehe…

    i think yuzu’s sashimis are nice, in general. very well presented as well! :)


  5. cumi&ciki says:

    yummie ! love the shots of the sashimi:D


  6. myCoffee says:

    The place looks classy and the food, exquisite! Looks like a future visit is in store for me.


  7. what a classy place …


  8. J2Kfm says:

    I’ll stop at the Aji Sashimi and count my monthly wages.
    hahaha … =P

    but spending on good food once in a while is worth the
    experience and ‘therapeutic’ effect the meal imparts, isnt it?


  9. xin says:

    wah sea urchin! seen it so many times on tv but never had the chance to even try it… yum yum


  10. Tummythoz says:

    Last time I had that ‘baby poo’ I was cringing too much to remember the taste. =(


  11. Jessey says:

    Wow~ It looks so yummylicious however abit pricey.. But will go and have a try at least one, I love shashimi.. ^0^


  12. jasmine says:

    can’t believe i still have yet to make the trip to yuzu despite passing it by a few times now. looks good though! have to plan to go when I am less broke… heh.


  13. wmw says:

    I like this place (photos sitting in my archive)!


  14. ai wei says:

    i miss jap food with u guysss…

    besides, this is a great place for meal. definately will re visit!


  15. Gosh, this blog is totally killing me!!!! I WANNA GO NOW!

    ARRGGGHHH (Runs, bangs into wall…and fainted)


  16. dwayne foong says:

    you have menjangkiti food cookies with all these food…


  17. Sharon says:

    I’ve been visited this place on 6th May 2010 to celebrate my husband’s birthday lunch. The Yuzu set is not bad to try…


  18. Tin says:

    I’ve been visited this restaurant with my friends on 17th Aug 2010. The mice drop from the ceiling and running around at the dining area. Terrible…..


  19. Christy Ong says:

    The standard of this restaurant dropped. I swear i will never go back again.

    I have been dining there since its opening 4 years back. This time i went back, the food made me so disappointed I was their regular customers when the main chief Raymond still there. After he left, the restaurant let the foreign workers cooked for its customers. For the price i paid, it really not worth it.

    I will not recommend this restaurant at all. It is no standard at all although the dining environment still seem good and maintained.

    Later i found out the chief Raymond open his own restaurant – Eurasia Bar & Bistro.

    Want go food? go to Eurasia @ UOA tower better. This Yuzu, tak boleh pakai anymore.



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