Tong Kee Brother Confectionary @ Damansara Uptown




Just a piece of good news for PJ folks – the undisputed king of egg tart is now at Damansara Uptown.

Feeling rather sluggish on a Sunday afternoon, we drove out to have a quick lunch and stumble upon Tong Kee. Upon entrance, we were greeted by a comforting aroma of fresh bread and sights of pretty cakes and colorful pastries glowing from a bright showcase. Their “non halal” buns that incorporates the use of lards, bacons or hams deserves a special mention as its a rare sight in any other bakeries.





We had the butter pastry egg tarts (RM1.50) and flaky pastry egg tarts(RM1.30), which are all good! The butter version is totally different form the flaky version that we are all familiar with, with its buttery and crispier texture. By far, Tong Kee is where you can find the best egg tart within Klang Valley, but my favourite egg tart remains with Choy Kee at Simee Market, Ipoh (I’ll snap some pictures and do a review on that soon!). Meanwhile, to satisfy my sudden craving for egg tarts, Tong Kee would be the obvious choice.

Tong Kee Brothers Confectionary
No. 61G, Jln ss21/60, Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya,
SelangorDarul Ehsan
Tel: 03-77266133 Fax: 03-77267133

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  1. Jopy says:

    They’re good for their chicken pies too.


  2. cumi&ciki says:

    egg tarts! yum.. now no need to drive to pudu.. lol


  3. Precious Pea says:

    Good news indeed. I find their egg tarts the best!


  4. pork lard bun? hahah if only got such a flavour..


  5. fatboybakes says:

    ooh, they’re egg tarts are nice coz of the lard in the pastry right?
    yummy, they’re fabulous when hot out of the oven la…


  6. myCoffee says:

    Great! Thanks for the info!


  7. Tummythoz says:

    Looks like another homegrown franchise is on the go. Hope quality does not deteriorate with mass production.


  8. ling239 says:

    the egg tarts and chicken pies are good !! ^_^


  9. Nic (KHKL) says:

    lurve tong kee’s egg tarts and chicken pies!!! have been buying their stuff for years already! oh, the kaya roll is nice as well! :)


  10. sc says:

    *claps, claps, claps* good news indeed! :)


  11. vkeong says:

    They have a branch in Sri Petaling too right? Didn’t purposely went in to try the egg tarts.. I guess I should start doing that now


  12. jason says:

    Sigh, I still haven’t got the time to get their egg tarts yet :(


  13. Ee Vonn says:

    Wow! yum yum egg tarts!
    really looked tasty!
    I *heart* egg tarts XD


  14. Anonymous says:

    U guys should try the egg tarts and ‘Siew Pau’ (halal) from John King


  15. *LOL* funny you mentioned Choy Kee (Kg Simee, Ipoh) egg tarts. It’s a family favourite and I didn’t know how it stack up against other egg tarts around Ipoh or KL. I should appreciate it more from now on.


  16. Josephine Koh says:

    The egg tart tastes like one kind, as if it’s mixed with pork fat, the one some of the hawkers put in dry kueh teow. I can’t stand it and I tell myself I’m not gonna try it again. Sorry if I were too harsh, but really, and frankly, it’s just not my favourite tart.


  17. Vincent Ong says:

    Ah yo…. so so only la the egg tart… i went there to buy… looks good taste not good… and the staff service very bad..


  18. Vincent Ong says:

    sorry.. the best egg tart i ate is at Breadstory SS2.. yummy yummy… the best i ve ever tasted halal egg tart without pork lart… must try… i would recommend u guys… Breadstory Egg tart… and the bread are fresh and tasty…


  19. liewhk says:

    dear mr tongkeebossman,
    my wife has beenbuying regularly your hup tow sur (walnut cake) and find it very nice and crunchy.
    i would suggest you reduce sugar contents by 10% to cater for older people.
    thankyou, keep up the good job.


  20. ycw says:

    thier new opening ss15 branch full of fly !!! when informed thier staff they ignore !!


  21. HyipMonitor says:

    the egg tart is really nice tried it at puchong ioi boulevard even buy back for my family to eat


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