Ribs @ Oasis, Bandar Utama



It was drizzling last Sunday morning but it did not stop us from pushing through Rib’s door, with only one thing in our mind – PORK. Reviews like this & this are what lured us there, besides the close proximity to our neighbourhood.



In Ribs, there’s a whole slew of old magazines on the shelves. It was quite a bliss to sit at the outdoor terrace, have a cuppa and flip through the magazines.



The huge portion of roasted smokey bbq baby back pork ribs (RM 28.50) came with a separate serving of barbeque sauce. It was quite a letdown that the meat was a little dry and firm. The sauces were decent but I wish they had one that worked better with these ribs. However, KampungBoy (impressively) gnawed the bones clean.


The homemade juicy pork burger with cheese (RM 18.90) came amidst much anticipation. It screams simplicity – dressed with lettuces, tomatoes and a hearty slice of cheddar cheese, along with a side of fries. There isn’t a meat-eating man who can walk away from this delicious treat! The freshly ground meat patty is very juicy, so keep a napkin handy.



We finished with a molten chocolate cake (RM 10.50). Well, you can’t go wrong with chocolaty desserts but if you attempt to have the whole thing by yourself (just like me), you’ll be ended up with aching tooth. Imagine velvety rich chocolate cake with warm melted chocolate centre and large plops of chocolate sauce on top.


For mouth watering pork burgers, Ribs is the place to go. We wouldn’t mind returning here for more porkie goodies. I’m eyeing the ribs with oriental sauce!


Ribs @Oasis
Lot 1-1, BU4 Oasis Complex
2 Cangkat Bandar Utama
47800 Bandar Utama
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-7729 8921

From LDP, Turn into 1 Utama, you should see the old wing on your left and the new wing on your right. Keep right and head straight to the following traffic lights where the Jusco home centre is on your left. At the lights, take a right turn and keep left (you will be heading to the open car park near Giant), take a left on the first junction (landmark: school), head straight we are located on your right, about 100 meters from the junction.


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  1. Bangsar-bAbE says:

    Gosh…the chocolate molten cake looks so sinful! The pork burger looks delish too. A pity the ribs were dry.


  2. Wow you’re right… I’ve got a toothache just looking at that molten choc cake. Bet all that sugar kept you up for a long time!


  3. Pureglutton says:

    Too bad the ribs didn’t reach expectations. Do try other dishes and let us know whether they’re better!


  4. mimid3vils says:

    The pork patty quite thick~~ Love juicy patty


  5. xin says:

    now i am craving for some pork again


  6. eiling says:

    Wow… i love pork!!!


  7. J2Kfm says:

    LOL. THAT juicy til need a napkin?
    guess eating with fork n knife’s out of the question?
    let the barbaric soul rules!


  8. christinelee says:

    oh..another porky blog after i read precious pea..but i was so tempted with the dessert..saliva dripping..oh..dont mind toothache now!!


  9. email2me says:

    I’ve tried their pork ribs with oriental sauce also. Taste so so only. Doesn’t give me much of a kick.

    My team have cleared most of their dishes. Checkout the pix here.


    And nice to meet you 2 last night :)

    The famous Char Siew which I mention can be located here.



  10. myCoffee says:

    Oh yeah, I like their juicy pork burgers too! IMO, more impressive than their ribs. ;)


  11. ling239 says:

    funny the ribs look so different from my previous visit…>.<”


  12. The black thing just oozes with juice.

    we love black over the lips


  13. ai wei says:


    o really need a bite on ur photosss


  14. Christine says:

    pls send those to me via ‘pos laju’ LoL. ;P


  15. Selba says:

    Wondering how good the baby back pork ribs tasted if it compares to Tony Roma’s :D


  16. Simon Seow says:

    Didn’t know this place got such nice restaurant. kekeke


  17. fruitjuice says:

    Tried the restaurant last weekend. The food and deco are just too darn PLAIN. I can get better quality food for the same price, or same quality food for a lower price. Just make me wonder, why am i paying 25 bucks for a plain burger that only looks good in pictures.


    youbet Reply:

    Can you name that place?
    Otherwise u r just plain fruitjuice


  18. Jason says:

    I see many food blogs, your food blog is the best. Nice blog… simple, informative, nice pictures. Keep in on.


  19. halalfood says:



    kampungboycitygal Reply:

    hi thanks. So sorry, i will take note next time, will add a non halal tag to my non halal posts.


  20. halalfood says:

    your blog is very good actually…..i like it.


  21. Lame Couple says:

    How’s the ribs compare to Ribs by Vintry?


    kampungboycitygal Reply:

    ribs by vintry is better


  22. Anonymous says:

    can u suggest a great place 2 hav romantic or nice place 2 celebrate birthday party for 2 person only or maximum is 10 person?


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