Busy Corner & Koon Kee Claypot Chicken Rice @ Damansara Jaya


    In quest for the best claypot chicken rice…
    It brought us to Damansara Jaya (near
    KDU College). The first place to go is Restaurant Busy Corner which is always bustling with activies, even on a weekday night. Variety is the key here, other than the usual claypot chicken rice; one can opt for claypot prawn rice, claypot beef rice, and some soupy dish that goes very well with rice and is hearty enough to be a main course if you wish to.




    Claypot chicken rice (RM 6, small) has always been our old favorite. It is amazing that how the simplest of ingredients are transformed into something such amazing one pot meal! Busy Corner’s version sans the appearance of lap cheong (Chinese was sausages) is quite a let down. Despite the rice being soft and fluffy, the chicken pieces were tough and dry.



    Our claypot prawn rice (RM 13, small) came sizzling hot with a generous serving of de shelled prawns, a good sprinkling of raw onions and drizzles spicy sour sauce on top. Give it a good stir and voila! You get a great combination of soft and fluffy rice coated evenly with the spicy sour gravy, half cooked onion and fresh succulent prawns.


    Restoran Busy Corner
    83, Jalan ss 22/11
    Damansara Jaya
    03-7729 0116 Closes on Thursdays.



    Now let us turn to another claypot chicken rice place, Koon Kee, located just a few streets away from Busy Corner.

    Koon Kee is a no frills claypot chicken rice place with limited choices of soupy dish. Their pork stomach soup is very peppery that gives an extra kick to it, just the way I like it.


    The claypot chicken rice comes with lap cheong that added some sweetness to the rice, not forgetting the intense and pungent smelling salted fish too. I love srapping for the thin layer of crispy rice crust that’s adhered to the bottom of the claypot. My parents has been telling me that those who love crispy rice crust are very stubborn people. Have you guys ever heard of that?

    For one pot meal that comes in a reasonable price tag, Koon Kee and Busy Corner is the place to go. We wouldn’t mind returning to try out the other varieties of claypot rice at Busy Corner, which added a nice twist to the usual chicken rice. However, for a minimal meal of claypot chicken rice, we would still prefer Koon Kee.

    Restoran Koon Kee 42, Jalan SS22/25,
    Damansara Jaya,
    Petaling Jaya


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