Jing Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum @ Damansara Jaya


With my bed hair and early morning sleepy eyes, I wrote my name on the perpetual waiting list at Jing Xuan and stand by the road side with a bunch of hungry people who loves their morning fix. “What’s with these DJ people? I can easily make money by opening a decent dim sum place around Atria!” I can’t help but to keep complaining.

Glad that we manage to secure a table after a mere 20 minutes or else kampungboy will drown in my grumpy mood. Unofficial sources were saying that Kam Hin, Hong Kee, Jing Xuan, apparently are all the same. If this is true, Hong Kee has taken the right cue and opened the doors of a second restaurant of different name and different concept few streets away. Thanks to Eiling! A good part of the dim sum crowd is diverted to Jing Xuan.



jing xuan1

Variety is the key word here, from the usual dim sum fare to marmite pork ribs, buns and pastries. The century egg congee (RM3.50) brings a smile to my face. Other than the usual century egg and minced pork, some sinful blob of salted egg yolk were added in too.

KampungBoy reckons that the deep fried prawn roll is one of the best, fresh and luscious prawn shrouds within the thin and light skin had the right amount of crunchy bite. At RM3.50 per plate, it is good value for money.

No complains on the Cabbage Roll (RM 3.50) too, with a generous amount of chicken, mushroom and chinese waxed sausages hidden beneath the pliable cabbage blanket.

With chewy thick skin and bland fillings, the Steamed Prawn Dumpling aka Har Gao (RM4) on the other hand, is a total disappointment.

Deep Fried Radish Cake (RM 3.50) with a light and crunchy outer layer has a savory sweet flavor that crept up on the palate.

The Char Siu Pastry (RM3.50) is to die for! Succulent barbequed pork in sweet sauce is embedded in a parcel of crispy, flaky puff pastry. Heavenly!

The highly anticipated Taro Puff with Prawn and Cheese (RM 8.00) is a nightmare. Instead of complementing each other, the different flavors and textures of yam, prawn and cheese have a slight astringent flavor clash that brings a frown to KampungBoy’s face.

I find Jing Xuan’s variety (with many other interesting morsels and old favorites), reasonable pricing and posher interior keeps people from coming back. It is advisable to drop by after 12 noon when the crowd dies down.

Restoran Jin Xuan Hong Kong Sdn Bhd
59, 61 & 63, Jln SS22/19,
Damansara Jaya,
47300 P.Jaya,
Tel: 7729 6866


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  • cumi&ciki says:

    another place to try for dimsum! yum!

  • Pureglutton says:

    Wow… it sure looked crowded there! Is it always like that every day or just on weekends? Marmite pork ribs sounds good… quite difference from the usual black beans-steamed version eh! Too bad the taro puffs didnt come up to expectations – that’s one of my fave dim-sum item!

  • cumi&ciki says:

    oh.. now i recognize the place! your photos so funky and cool, i thought it was new place all together! lol.. silly me. Some of the dimsum is not bad.. You picked all the good stuff. But we unfortunately tried the chicken feet – rubberized! don’t eat that:D

  • been to this dim sum, a great place to be to enjoy baskets of dim sum! Weekdays are not crowded.

  • mimid3vils says:

    Very packed that day when I passby after I had dim sum @ Hong Kee 😛

  • Precious Pea says:

    I wanted to try this place but too lazy to queue so i ended up in Hong Kee which was a big big disappointment lor. I will give this place a try next time.

  • J2Kfm says:

    taro puff with prawn n cheese? at RM8?!!! hmmm …
    fusionized food spoiled the authenticity eh?

    slightly more pricey than Hong Kee’s, right?

  • Criz Lai says:

    Wow.. suddenly so many dim sum shop popping up all over the place. Business opportunity must be great. 😛


  • ling239 says:

    i like their dim sum too ~ ^_^

  • jasmine says:

    you’re right about them having variety. I tried this cempedak thing which was lovely. but then, i like anything cempedak. hehe.

  • eiling says:

    Hong Kee and JX are not the same company. However, you may find familiar faces there because apparently some of the workers left Hong Kee and worked at JX. I know cos I asked them. JX definitely much better than Hong Kee.

  • xin says:

    i always pass by there but nv visited there though. i think it is more worth it to visit ahyat for dimsum since all of the dimsum on 50% off from mon-sat. sun is only 30% off though

  • ai wei says:

    gosh!!! how come this place so ‘kua cheong’ — extremely crowded!

  • Christine says:

    whoa…business pouring in!
    I want dim sum!! Heard Manchester is famous for dim sums… Hope I can find out soon! hehe :)

  • photocritic says:

    This is a great food blog but it would appear that the photographer cannot shoot straight – for example the colourful wooden benches, Cucuk Udang and oodles of rice vermicelli in “Nyonya Colors @ One UtamaNyonya Colors” (http://kampungboycitygal.com/?p=302) are all not level shots. Is there a problem with the camera? There are good cameras around such as those Lumix which are good yet affordable.

  • this place is certainly crowded…i guess chinese still loves dim sum so much compared to others

  • kw says:

    I tried this too but did not have my camera with me. good pictures taken, refreshes my memory of my best experienced din sum here.

  • Dimsum fans says:

    I agree with eiling…..Hong Kee & JX totally not in same family…JX dim sum much much better than Hong Kee….coz i asked them also…And heard that JX going to open a new branch at Damansara Utama(Uptown) on March 2009…Congratulations…

  • Anonymous says:

    Try Wa Yan Dim Sum @ No.10 Jalan Puteri 1/2, Bandar Puteri Puchong (Opposite PFCC same row as OldTown Cafe). Their ‘siew mai, har gao, lau sar pao, almond prawn, durian pancake, pan fried dumplings ,deep fried carrot cake n ‘wu kok’ taste so good!!!!

  • thanks for ur suggestion! we’ll go :)

  • Jaselyn says:

    Go to try another newly open dim sum shop – Yat Dim Sum Yi 一点心意港式点心 at 57 & 59, Jalan 1/62D, Medan Putra Business Centre, Kepong. Main chef from Crystal Jade Chain.

    Must try Pork Dumpling in “Shanghainese” Style, weekday promotion RM4.50 only (OP: RM6)

    Others must try siew mai, har gao, lotus leaf rice, xo sauce friend rice roll, fried raddish pantry,

    desser must try durian glutinuos rice ball, mango pudding, mango yogurt

  • richard foo says:

    do you have any franchise ? please contact 012 2873648 , Thank You .

  • Meng says:

    I find JX a really great dimsum place as their dimsum is reasonable according to their portions. The only disappointment I have is the long waiting list on weekends . Their Har Kao is also really big in portion . Can you imagine the same quality of prawns you get in a 5 star dim sum restuarant and you are getting it here for RM4.50 ? . That’s one reason this place is so crowded .It’s damn affordable.

    On a site note, I do agree that their fried prawn rolls are one of the best in town .

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