Oink Oink Anniversary @ Jarrods & Rawlins


*One Utama outlet has been closed*

P1280724 copy

Card made with love – do not laugh!

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26th August 2008, marks our fourth year of seeing each other. There isn’t any other better way than to celebrate our love with a porky lardy splendor dinner. So not romantic I would say, but who cares?


No, we did not make it to the “nose to tail eating” place tucked along Changkat Bukit Bintang as it rained cats and dogs that night. Hence, KampungBoy conveniently turned into One Utama’s parking, conveniently led me to the ground floor of new wing and conveniently walked me into a quiet corner of J & R. Such coincidence that the table is reserved too!

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We were seated in the dark mahogany wood chairs and tables that match their hardwood floors perfectly. The lighting is dimmed, making if perfect to spark some dinner conversation between us. For those looking to imbibe, the adjacent bar featuring a brick wall holding rows after rows of alcohols is good enough.

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The waiter recommended the sizzling hot plate series that comes with fries, corn on cob, poached asparagus, sundried tomato and choice of black pepper or onion gravy. After perusing the menu, it was unanimously decided that we would skip the appetizers or “starters” as the menu notes to make rooms for our feasts.

P1280569 copy

P1280587 copy

For drinks, we started off with the fizzy Grapetizer Grape (RM10.50++), a pure grape juice drink with added carbonation. Other than that, I had J&R Ice Cream Blended Coffee (RM 12.50++), a delicious blend of Lavazza coffee with smooth gelato of your preferred flavor (oreo, vanilla or chocolate).

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KampungBoy’s eyes opened wide when his order of mixed platter of caramelized ribs, dynamite chili, chorizo, pork belly & streaky bacon (RM 38++) arrived. One bite into dynamite chili and chorizo, you’ll totally forget about all the substandard sausages out there. It incorporates the texture of quality pork and the fantastic flavor of spices. The tenderness and smoky flavor of the caramelized ribs and streaky bacons more than justifies the extra mile I’ll have to run at the track. Nothing to shout about the pork belly which was a tad too dry though.

P1280632 copy copy

A closer look

P1280654 copy

A closer lookPork Chop (RM 23++). What I am getting is a piece of dry, chewy, chalky tasting slabs of what resembles meat. Pork chops tend to dry out and overcooking is a huge kitchen mistake. I do hope that the chef could take note of this.

P1280657 copy

P1280658 copy

P1280672 copy

With more hits than misses in our order, more than reasonable price range, sweet and attentive services, there aren’t any excuses not to revisit.

P1280707 copy copy

Sweet ending – ice cream cake from Baskin & Robbins

P1280622 copy

Time has passed so fast. There have been many ups and downs but I do think that this makes us truly appreciate the good times. I would never have imagined my life to be the way it is and I am so glad I am as in love as I hoped I would be. Happy fourth anniversary and I’m looking forward to as many more as we can possibly have.

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  1. That is sooooo sweet… Happy 4th Anniversary ya…


  2. xin says:

    happy 4th anniversary! may u 2 have many more coming ahead :)


  3. jasmine says:

    happy 4th anniversary you too! porky lardy dinner sounds good! wishing you two many more happy years ahead…


  4. Tummythoz says:

    That card’s mascot is ngau-ngau, not chu-chu? So young & so in love. Precious.


  5. J2Kfm says:

    a porky way to celeb anni … :)
    how imaginative. I’d pig out as well …

    happy 4th anni !!!


  6. ling239 says:

    Hey ~ Congratulations & All the very best to both of u !!


  7. cumi&ciki says:

    congrats! and happy anniversary -when u guys tying da knot?! lol


  8. That is such a sweet post. Happy anniversary, guys!


  9. Jun says:

    hahaha i see ur man likes chorizo sausages too! glad u had a good anniversary, even tho i was flinching at the prices :P


  10. Christine says:

    Happy Anniversary to the both of u WZ and DF!!
    I LOVE to see both of u TOGETHER :)
    When u guys decided to “lai mai tin cheong” remember ya… I wanna be WZ’s Ji mui ;P

    Many more years to come to the both of u! Cheers! Hugz


  11. liang... says:

    when the time come to 10th anniversary, here is a suggestion for ur blog..
    KampongUncleCityAuntie …
    cheers happy anni..!!


  12. daphne says:

    That looks like a sweet celebration! Happy anniversary and cheers to more to come.


  13. Pureglutton says:

    Happy anniversary! With more hits than misses at this place, I’m sure it was a worthwhile meal :-)


  14. Nic (KHKL) says:

    happy anniversary, y’all!
    a sweet post as dessert after my mee goreng lunch! yumzzz ;D
    congrats, again! ;D


  15. wmw says:

    The card so cute! So romantic…Awwww….Happy Anniversary!


  16. babe_kl says:

    congrats and wish you guys more to come ;-)


  17. Lianne says:

    Happy Anniversary you too! Both of you ate so much! hahahaha


  18. coketai says:

    very very sweet!!! especially the last few sentences!! Even people like me whose marry for many year still being stir by the atmosphere create by the ‘holding hand” photo and the sentence expressing the feel of love!!!

    P/S: can I used the last photo in my blog!!!


  19. moonn says:

    happy anniversary for both of u :) love to read ur blog!


  20. mimid3vils says:

    Happy Anniversary~~ Hope that I’m not too late ~~
    I cannot remember anniversary of me & hubby (start pak tor), now only can celebrate out marriage anniversary :P


  21. ai wei says:

    happy anniversary~

    i also wanna be wei zhi’s ji mui(s)…

    fast fast ‘lai mai tin cheong’ lorrrr :P


  22. Simon Seow says:

    Congrats. So, where is the wedding dinner going to be held? Elcerdo?


  23. oh Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so lovely and so divine! A pair definitely make in heaven!!!



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