Nong & Jimmy @ Kampung Cahaya Ampang


    Despite reading/hearing good reviews about this “little thai shack from Ampang”, it was until now that we make it a point to drop by. Foodies are all about exploring new flavors and ended up with a protruding belly isn’t it?

    From its humble beginnings as a little shack, it has expanded and the place this place is bursting at the seams. We were thinking that the food must be really good so when the food started to arrive rapidly and in a large glut all at once, we soon to realized that we might have a teensy bit too much.


    Fiery Flame



    Victims in Lines


    To cure the hungry pangs, chakoi (deep fried crullers) with pandan kaya dippings were ordered. The chakois were fresh and crispy but the watery and overly sweet pandan kaya never live up to our expectations.

    nong n jimmy1


    N & J Fried Rice (RM 12), being the best dish of the night is light and fluffy in texture with a vibrant yellow hue. Not to forget the general sprinkling of succulent shrimps too. We were served with some peanut chili dipping that goes really well with the seafood too. Some greens to make us feel better for taking so much of cholesterol laden food – kangkung (RM 9) sautéed with fragrant sweet shallots and piquant shrimp paste. It is that good that we licked the plate clean.



    The lala cooked with basil and chili is one of the main favorites. The blatant use of fresh herbs brought out the sweetness of the fat juicy lalas. Some might frowned at the strong flavour of basil leaf though, KampungBoy was one of them. (RM 20 for 2)


    Barbecued Squid was one of the most rubbery plates of squid that we have ever masticated through. Other than giving a good jaw exercise, it was bland and dry to the palate. (RM 28 for 2)


    Grilled Stingray came wrapping under aluminum foil fared better compare to the other barbequed/grilled seafood. The thick chili paste has complemented the fish strips pretty well. (RM 24 for 2)



    We exclaimed when the barbequed crabs (RM 92.40 for 4) comes, the huge fat mud crabs were so kissed by the fiery flame that they charred in a perfect dark brown hue. However, It is such a waste that we don’t get to taste the exquisitely delicate flavour and sweet moist meat of the mud crabs. I guess grilling the mud crabs under charcoal fire has reduced its juiciness, resulting in a rather dry meat.  


    Having travel a great distance just to sample N & J’s barbequed seafood, we were fairly disappointed with substandard quality of the seafood. With only certain dishes that make extra miles worth while, there is still more misses than hits in the menu.

    Lot 27363, Jalan Cahaya 1,
    Taman Cahaya,
    Ampang, Selangor
    (From KL and along Jalan Ampang, turn right at the traffic light after Ampang Point towards Kg Pandan. The stall is 1km down on the left near a block of flats.)
    Tel : 03 4251 1807



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