Mr Baoz @ Pavillion KL [CLOSED]


    Do you still remember these baoz? It was once widely circulated via emails that we can only stare at it. The good news is the franchise that created a baoz craze in Taiwan is now at Pavillion KL and Time Square KL!

    One can choose from their royal delicacy series, chocolate series, crispy series, snowflake series and steamer series (RM 2.50 to RM 3.50). To make my selection easier, I choose two “3 in a pack” box set. There are champion box (12 best selling baoz) and half dozen box (diamond box, platinum box and sweet heart box) too.



    From top left: Crispy Taro Baoz, Tri Star Squid Roll, Sweet and Sour Fish Bao, Curry Mutton Steam Baoz, Onion Baoz, Crispy Sesame Baoz




    The tri star squid roll and sweet sour fish baoz are among my favourite while most of it tasted like any other ordinary baos. With reheating make easy and possible, it does make a perfect gift to family and friends. However, a non bao fanatic like me will not join in the queue just for a baoz or two.

    With added modernity to traditonal baos, I’m seeing that these gorgeous looking baoz will soon take over Malaysians’ heart and beat the current donuts craze.


    Mr Baoz
    1.52.00 (Next to
    Food Republic),
    Jalan Bukit Bintang,
    Kuala Lumpur.



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