Mr Baoz @ Pavillion KL



Do you still remember these baoz? It was once widely circulated via emails that we can only stare at it. The good news is the franchise that created a baoz craze in Taiwan is now at Pavillion KL and Time Square KL!

One can choose from their royal delicacy series, chocolate series, crispy series, snowflake series and steamer series (RM 2.50 to RM 3.50). To make my selection easier, I choose two “3 in a pack” box set. There are champion box (12 best selling baoz) and half dozen box (diamond box, platinum box and sweet heart box) too.



From top left: Crispy Taro Baoz, Tri Star Squid Roll, Sweet and Sour Fish Bao, Curry Mutton Steam Baoz, Onion Baoz, Crispy Sesame Baoz




The tri star squid roll and sweet sour fish baoz are among my favourite while most of it tasted like any other ordinary baos. With reheating make easy and possible, it does make a perfect gift to family and friends. However, a non bao fanatic like me will not join in the queue just for a baoz or two.

With added modernity to traditonal baos, I’m seeing that these gorgeous looking baoz will soon take over Malaysians’ heart and beat the current donuts craze.


Mr Baoz
1.52.00 (Next to
Food Republic),
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Kuala Lumpur.


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  1. Precious Pea says:

    Very interesting! The bao looks colourful. Initially the sound of sweet and sour fish bao seems weird, but since you said nice, will give it a try. Hopefully they will open more outlets in PJ.


  2. cumi&ciki says:

    i thought i was reading about some boa constrictor! Mr Boaz! lol… Oh… the BAO! coolest thing eh? hubs and me must try it .. he’s a big fan:D


  3. mimid3vils says:

    This brand come from where? So tempting to try lah~~


  4. Wah, 1st is doughnuts… now Baos… what’s next? Hmm…


  5. Christy says:

    Baoz is like the Mercedes Benz of all bao…and I must say that they have taken the art of making these steamed buns to the next height!
    Really interesting that there’s even sweet and sour fish bao….cool!~


  6. J2Kfm says:

    oh nice! 1st glance at the title, thought it was on Baoz, the orangecoloured signboard brand.

    but the combination sounds funky, but quite reasonably priced. will give this a shot. thanks!


  7. `JeromeFo says:

    suddenly they came out with so many variety….
    arrghhhhhhhhhhhhhh….im in UK now><
    Can’t try it…..


  8. Jackson Kah says:

    wow… i wan to try!!! Hope it taste like how it look


  9. wmw says:

    I like to eat baos! Yalah, PJ got or not soon???


  10. PenangTuaPui says:

    Mr Boaz.. hope to have one here….look at those boaz.. drooling…


  11. Ethan says:

    Wow they look too pretty to eat…

    It looks like the baoz have evolved, much like the mooncakes… All with weirder names and even weirder contents :x


  12. if122 says:

    is this halal or not??


  13. allie says:

    Wah! All da baos looks to tempting to me! When will it come to Penang?


  14. pea: so far theres only two outlet in KL..testing the market i guess?

    cumi & ciki: not all are nice though..quite plain for my liking

    mimid: its from taiwan :)

    mochasourcream: glad to know that msia market is do-able for these new funky stuff

    christy: yeah..all of them look gorgeous!

    james: it does resembles the bao at JJ in some way lol


  15. jerome: dun worry, wait till u come back ;p

    jackson: ull be disappointed then

    wmw: not so soon i guess? hehe

    penang tua pui: bring it to penang :p ask bout the franchise


  16. ling239 says:

    the baoz are so pretty looking !!
    which one is the best ?


  17. Penquin says:

    The curry baoz are quiet nice…There is a sign there to say the baoz are pork free. The crispy ones are very nice also.


  18. sherween says:

    mr.baoz!!!saw it at a taiwan show…look very nice!!!so search for it…
    omg!!!pavillion gt tis shop!!!happy^^
    bcz i tot jz sell in taiwan~hahaha…
    must go try tis week!!
    hope reli delicious…


  19. yen says:

    i tried it last weekend!
    its nice!
    best bao!!!!!!


  20. mimie says:

    will it open in sarawak,malaysia side then??? all the baoz looks so…yummy to me… :-)


  21. prik says:

    Is Mr Baoz gulung tikar already? no see wbsite or store..


  22. Mr Tikar says:

    I hope they gulung already.

    2 years ago i asked for franchise opportunity – they were very rude to me.
    unprofessional. at that time i already knew they were not very good in this business.


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