Full House @ NZX, Ara Damansara [CLOSED]




To celebrate a friend’s birthday, a group of us make our move to NZX @ Ara Damansara. Tucked in at a rather obscure place (to me, who has never been to Ara Damansara), most fine it quite a hassle to get here. Calls from friends asking for directions keep coming in and it was until one hour later that everyone was here. Instead of being grumpy and angry, our friends who arrived late were pretty amused by the first sight that greeted them – an apartment like restaurant.




Each section of the restaurant is decorated to resemble the different spaces like bedroom, bathroom, courtyard, etc. Most of the décor pieces are available for sales. One can choose from the closets full of clothes, portrait frames, key chains, to the potted plants, the canopy bed drape and the hanging crystal chandelier.



full house blog







Full House is particularly the most crowded place in NZX, one reason for that is almost certainly its relaxed atmosphere and wallet friendly meals. Did I tell you that the menu with comic strips was exceptionally cute too? Unlike the extensive drinks list, main courses are limited where we were left with only 5 to 6 items each on the Asian Menu and Western Menu.










full house friends




Location Map (Credits to SaiMatKong)


I tend to think that most themed restaurants would rely on hype and glitz rather than good food. It comes to my surprise when the food was by no means a dreadful meal, but much of it was mediocre and acceptable, with more rooms for improvement. Full House is exceptionally relaxed and convivial. It creates the perfect atmosphere for any individual to sit, read a book, meet new people, have some coffee or simply hang out.



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  1. Angry Man says:

    I just went to the KL branch in Jalan YKS. It was the worst dining experience I have every had in my life.
    1. I go there and they sit us in a small square table when we have 7 pax.
    2. When we asked them to bring us another table, they totally ignored us and told us to wait. (20 mins)
    3. When the food came, the orders were wrong.
    4. When my drink came, there was a bug in the straw.
    5. My orders took 1 hour to arrive, my friends had already finished eating their food… AND desert!
    6. The bill that came was wrong again.
    7. it took the cashier another 20 mins to change it, even that was because I had to stand right uin front of him before he was willing to solve my bill.
    8. He didn’t even bother to apologize or even give me back the correct change!!

    From today onwards, I will call the restaurant “fullhouse” as “fuckhouse”. I hope your restaurant burns down soon. Cheers


    kampungboycitygal Reply:

    hi angry man, please refer the matter to the management of full house. i’m sure they can do something about it.


    jen Reply:

    hey bro…its dessert not desert! ur fren eat desert ka? AIYO! why are u complaning here?


    Anonymous Reply:

    Im totally agree with you! Worst service i ever had


  2. Felix says:

    hi, can i knw where is the exactly address for Full House ?
    In which area located ?


    kampungboycitygal Reply:

    hi felix, theres one in ara damansara and another one in jln yap kwan seng


  3. Sue Lin says:

    Lovely post, i’ve been there n loved it though it was hard to find

    Love the price and the ambience and am suggesting it for the next gathering with diff bunch of friends, and ur blog is good for me to refer to them
    .-= Sue Lin´s last blog ..2009 there it goes =-.


  4. johnson says:

    helo, i plan to celebrate my friend’s birthday there~Just want to ask, can we bring the cake that we buy outside? thx for reply me…


    kampungboycitygal Reply:

    hi im not sure bcoz im nt the rest owner. u can call n ask :)


  5. amy says:

    hi! can i know your full house address in kl area and telephone number ?


  6. coolberi says:

    wonder is this good place if i bringing my very active 2yrs son? worry he too active to walking around here & there spoil thier nice furnishing…is this a place suitable to hang out w frens & childern?


    kampungboycitygal Reply:

    Personally, it’s a good place for gathering. About the children, we think it shouldn’t be a problem. But definitely you have to put an eye on him :D


  7. mayza says:

    im planning goin to there next month..
    i just want to know,
    the food r halal o not???
    it just a beautiful cafe, thats y i really want to go…………..
    pls give the answer..


    kampungboycitygal Reply:

    hi the food is pork free, but dun think that they have the halal status


    nurul Reply:

    i hope the food is not cook wif adding any wine/alcohol..if it is wine/alcohol free, i think it can consider to be halal..


    Elo There Reply:

    Erk… what do u meant by that. Simply said it is halal juz because no wine/alcohol added to the dishes. I assumed ur a Muslim based on your name so pls be careful when responding and dont simply bantai saje!

    A guide published by About.com. Muslim followers cannot consume the following:
    pork or pork by products
    animals that were dead prior to slaughtering
    animals not slaughtered properly or not slaughtered in the name of Allah
    blood and blood by products
    carnivorous animals
    birds of prey
    land animals without external ears

  8. sniper -jackal says:

    nice place and elegant decorations . well done !


  9. Anonymous says:

    nice rite?? they should get the halal status..

    new branch @ sunway pyramid which i went with my sis n cousin.


  10. mei says:

    hi, is anyone know the business hours for fullhouse? what time for last order?


  11. Jackie says:

    going to the one at Jalan Yap Kuan Seng this Sat celebrating a fren’s birhday! its a bungalow lot and decor is just a beautiful. only setback could be lack of carpark space. your pics are awesome!!!


  12. Lily Lim says:

    The map is so stupid. Very hard to see which road is which, even though it’s labelled. Nice try though.


    Anonymous Reply:

    Just use a GPS if it’s too difficult


  13. grlshere says:

    how can this be a blog when you don’t write anything? fortunately, the beautiful pictures make up for loss of words so thats okay.


  14. JasonLow says:

    Ive been here once for my maths software promotion.. The food is very nice.


  15. budakperasanbest says:

    hola encik kampung & cik city

    do you think having a RM 50 dinner there would be enough for couple?
    (just wanna have a try, is not like gonna have a candle light mood dinner)

    and have u ever try the other branches at sunyway pyramid & jalan yap kwan seng?


    kampungboycitygal Reply:

    hi rm50 is enough for 2 main course and simple drink, but no desserts n starters :)


  16. CTY says:

    NZX now is “quiet” , but Full house is still operating as usual.
    Wondering how is full house survice in this environment.

    Although i stay very very near to NZX, but I never visit this full house , until today :-)


  17. JAS says:

    hye..the food is halal?


  18. Marinna Mokhtar says:

    Gosh! Your post is almost 4 years old and comments still keep coming in. I knew about Fullhouse not just recently, but had my first dinner there last night, with the whole family @ its newest outlet in Wangsa Walk. Love the ambience, the food was ok by me but most of all LOVED the dessert. The creme brule was just perfect. Will definitely go there for more great family n friends outings n more food…



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