Fry Laksa @ Well Cook Gourmet Subang Jaya


    TGIF! I’m going to do a short post on Restaurant Well Cook Gourmet here. A friend who lives and stays at Subang Jaya all his life brought us here on his birthday last year. It is a no frill restaurant with minimal design and decor with an emphasis on their zhu chao (??).

    P1180814 copy

    Pattaya Fried Rice

    P1180819 copy

    Seafood Tom Yam

    P1180822 copy

    Yin Yeong (deep fried vermicelli and hor fun)

    P1180827 copy

    Singapore Fried Mee Hoon

    P1180828 copy

    Nasi Lemak

    P1180830 copy

    Stir Fried Tong Fun

    P1180834 copy

    Albeit being flavourful, the wok hei of some stir fried item here is pretty lack luster. Fortunately, the fried laksa stands out as the best item. The usual lai fun, is stir fried with the usual garnish of pineapple, diced cucumber, peppermint leaves, onions, cube chicken instead of fish slices and sour sauce, giving it a slight spicy and tangy taste. The food here is pretty decent and reasonably priced (ranges from rm 4.5 to rm 6.0). I will definitely return to this restaurant again for the fried laksa whenever I’m around Subang Jaya.

    Restaurant Well Cook Gourmet
    74, Jalan SS 14/2
    Subang Jaya
    Opens from 12 noon to 9pm.


    • J2Kfm says:

      simple, ‘dan jor’ (single portion) meals are the best, as not only more economic, it also caters to individual’s preferences, rather than sharing the same dishes with everyone else.

      fried laksa and tang hoon looks good. Chinese owned? or Malay?

    • mimid3vils says:

      new dry version of asam laksa?

    • Been there a few times… Love the Fried Laksa and the Claypot Tom Yam… nice… The fried Laksa is very unique

    • Nic (KHKL) says:

      woah, another review of the fried laksa…sweet/sour/wok hei/pedas/etc…what is there not to like, right? hehehe…

      *looking at map now*

    • Mark says:

      Whoa! Fry laksa… creative piece of meal. But which one? Kidding… dry asam laksa…

    • The fried laksa has got my tastebuds kicking! And it’s the first day of my diet! Dang!

    • cumi&ciki says:

      that nasi lemak looks like something i want to sink my teeth into!

    • Simon Seow says:

      Interesting discovery. First time heard of Fried Laksa.

    • the fry laksa sounds so funny ! so must try it soon.

      hope to get a fry porridge next !

      LOL !

    • sc says:

      seems like they’re making hawker food looks gourmet-ish here! pics looks good!

    • Gosh It had been a year already, I still remember we were here the same place with jackson, time fly so fast!

    • seamstress says:

      the fried laksa….is highly recommended! pair it up with the sambal….simply delicious!

    • Herma says:

      I used to be the regular customer of this restaurant. Every week I will visit there 2-3times a week for lunch. And to the extend, I have introduced and brought lots of customers to that shop. All the while was okay until few days ago when the nightmare happened! The old couple who are the owner of the shop used to be friendly and okay until lately I found out a total different people they are. I ordered Fish Ball Soup and my friend ordered Laksa. However, after my third bite, i noticed something black in colour floating in the soup! To my horror, it was a cockroach in the SOUP!!!! My usual reaction I would shout and quickly take photo of it and give a piece of my mind to the owner. But this time, i remain calm and asked the waitress to call for the lady boss. She came over and took a look at it. Instead of saying sorry, she said it is normal to find fly, hair and even cockroach in the food. Can never prevent that and to the extend she said big restaurant like Eden also have that problem when she visited the restaurant last time! Due to I was the regular customer there, I did not make a big fuss about it. After my friend finished her meal, we went over to counter to pay for the food. I just talked to the guy boss and asked them to be careful about it. If others, they would have report this case. I was so shocked how the owner reacted after I talked to him nicely. Instead of saying sorry, he shouted at me saying if I want to report, just go ahead. He said its normal to have such thing in food cant prevent it. He said even if I report to authority, they can’t do much cause this is Malaysia!! How could he say that? Are we Malaysian deserve to eat fly, cockroach etc in our food? Just because we are Malaysian, the quality and cleanliness of the food should be compromised? He even showed me that he got Grade A by authority for cleanliness of his shop so he has nothing to be afraid of. Gosh! If you guys do not mind your food cleanliness being compromised, then you all can go ahead continue visit the shop. I just can’t believe that I was the victim that just ate the cockroach soup served by them yet I get scolded and shouted at! Most probably the food there taste nicer due to the ‘extra’ ingredient that i saw. So good luck to all of you who still insist on visiting that shop ever again!

    • Herma says:

      hi.. I was and I am still really dissapointed with those irresponsible restaurant owner.. and the worse I never expect to be scolded for just advising them to be careful next time to avoid others having food poisoining..

    • Mangaka says:

      I have been born in Subang Jaya SS14 and has been living on earth and in Subang Jaya SS14 for 14 years..i have been to the restaurant called “well cook gourmet”, the food is quite simple, and the fried laksa is unique on its own, but they sure needs improvements in their cooking..i realize something that is always been use there, which is onions, it is good anyway.. well, i so happen to pop in this website, just by clicking through the google search. I’m doing my school geography project in SMKSU and searching for restaurant around Subang Jaya. Hmmm.. Got to get going, chao~

    • Mangaka says:

      they are terrible, i always keep in mind that they are good people, i’m also a regular customer ever since i was 12 years old..this is bad, I REALLY HATE CREEPY THINGS IN MY FOOD, I’LL DEFINITELY COMPLAIN TO THE MAXIMUM ..I HATE INSECTS,ETC …YEAKK,ILL!! If I was the victim , and being scold and tormented like that, even though i’m 14, i would have thrown the dead insect on his face, i know that man, i know that woman..know i know who they really are, humans are like this, they wanna cover for their sake…NICE WEB, luv it~

    • fuu says:

      i like the fried laksa!

    • mike says:

      oh..quite surprise to see above comment.
      anyway this is my side of the story.
      i love eating at this place with my family. foods are fantastic! kampung fried rice, fried kuay teow, fried laksa, asam laksa, tom yam, claypot chicken rice, popiah are my favs. they serve other local penang food as well. wat impressed me the most is the cleanliness. super clean, the floor, table and environment are very clean. cleanliness is so important to me, some restaurant the table is smelly itself, sometimes the worker is smelly with odor but this restaurant is so clean. i have a unique way to inspect the cleanliness of the restaurant, check out the table cloth they use to clean and wipe the table. this restaurant’s table cloth is white and clean! omg! never see restaurant with such table cloth for a very long time. =)

      • Herma says:

        Well, I didn’t say their restaurant is dirty and everyone do make mistake in some point of their life moreover a restaurant. But the reaction of the owners when I show them there’s a fly in my food. And even scolded me for highlighting this out!! I used to be a regular customer there and they remembered me well, I was jt softly tell them to be careful next time.. To my surprise he shouted at me!! and even said it is normal!!! Gosh! You are luckily you didn’t find anything floating in your food yet, but when you do, better keep quiet and shallow it!

        • Herma says:

          Btw, I told them becareful cause I will file a complaint, and that’s why they try to keep their restaurant at tip top condition. But to have insect in their food and scold customers for telling them NO NO NO EXCUSE!

    • hutan says:

      tried it and wsa good. i tried popiah, fried laksa, tom yam, fried mee suah and tom yam fried rice.. all great. very clean and good service. i been twice..once at 1pm..very pack..need to wait for fried laksa for quite long.
      2nd time..3pm saturday…service very fast..
      i will bring my family from melaka to try this weekend hehehe

    • Michelle says:

      thanks for the post. i stayed in subang for more than 10 years, never know fried laksa existed. anyway my best friend brought me to the restaurant yesterday night. one word “awesome” they have varieties of penang food as in orginal. hardly found in KL. the restuarant is simple, no fancy but the food choice and quality is amazing. i know coz im from penang!
      1st i tried fried laksa (recommended by a Dave!!)…very unique and delicious!! 6 out of 5 stars…
      then i tried pohpiah…very fat and juicy!! 5/5 stars.. with barley limau… 🙂
      actually quite full d but i decided to try the yee mee hong kong style! …is damn awesome also! 6/5 stars…
      my friend kept telling this restaurant is very clean thats y he keep coming back…he very particular of restaurant’s cleanliness. if the table dirty abit he also duwan to eat at the restaurant already…
      definately will go back try again with my office friends!!!

    • Hitam says:

      After reading your blog I went try last week. Seriously the best fried stuff they have..
      So many penang food! asam laksa, popiah, char keoy teow, fried mee suah, mee jawa and the list goes on…
      I thought i cannot find penang food in subang or klang valley area but I found this!
      Places like little penang, wateva “penang” got no fight with this penang taste. keke
      I will bring my mom go makan tomorrow!
      Thanks for the post!!

    • Janice says:

      Aloha! Just came back this restaurant during lunch. Went there with my husband and son. I just wanna annouce this is going to be my favourite restaurant form now. Dunno for how long but once I gila the food there I will always visit until i jelak.
      OK!! The fried laksa is awesome! Layers tea and popiah are great. We also tried fried kuey tieow..damn nice. In fact i think the fried kuey tioew is better than fried laksa. The popiah is big fat and husband not a fan of popiah also love it!
      Service was good too..they hired a bunch of fast and efficient indonesian. We were there during lunch time..many ppl so have to wait quite long for the food but worth waiting. While waiting the friendly waiter entertain my son..hahaha..
      Finally I have not mention that this place is very clean. Tables are clean and dry, clean floor and toilet, walls are clean and kitchen also clean (most importanly)…
      Thanks kampungboycitygal for ur review… I have been living in ss14 for 10 years yet know about this place until the nenek next told me there is fried laksa in ss14 and i googled it… ciao

    • Brian Leong says:

      Their food is getting more and more expsive every year.
      Even the chinese Tea 2 year ago was Rm 0.5 and this year already raised up RM 0.80.
      Food is raised Rm 0.5 to Rm 1 year early, portion is getting lesser .

    • nadal says:

      Tried it. 2 thumbs up! 😉

    • Fahmi says:

      Hi, love the laksa goreng and tomyam. This place is all about food quality, u can taste the genuine asian (malaysia – nothern) taste.
      The place is tidy and extremely clean and services are good. 🙂

    • Paper Punch says:

      Awesome! Fried laksa is really unique and delicous. No where else can find such dish. Another thing I would like to comment are the drinks. They serves pretty good drinks, nothing fancy but it taste good especially the hearbal tea, barley, 3 layer tea, teh tarik and even chinese tea. Eventhough they are common type of drinks but they are just different from other shops. I really don’t know what makes it different. Is like other shops simply mix the drinks but this restaurant do it properly. And finally this restaurant is super clean, my mother loves it. Thanks for sharing by the way.

    • Uma says:

      Awesome, will try it today later…working at shah alam. Thanks for sharing. Will give my feedback later…. 🙂

    • Uma says:

      No regret! Went there during lunch…quite crowded. Fried laksa is very nice. Very unique. 10/10!!

    • Azleen says:

      Salam, it is awesome. Pregnant lady like me love it! #friedlaksa

    • Cerys says:

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