Bazaar Ramadhan @ Taman Tun Dr. Ismail



It’s that time of the year again. The weather is not doing us any good for the past few days but fortunately Sunday evening was all bright and sunny so we stopped by TTDI. The stalls have not changed much compared to last year’s. For your information, there are four MUST TRY in the bazaar – Popiah Power, Nasi Briyani Johor, Ayam Percik and Pulut Udang. How to spot these famous stalls? The wonderful aroma will lead you to the stalls with perpetual queue. Let’s feast your eyes with these delicacies from Bazaar Ramadhan at TTDI, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 3.


Famous Stall No. 1 – Popiah “Power”, selling at RM 5 for 5 pieces, where one can opt for a mixture of normal wet popiah and deep fried popiah.



Kebab, Glorious Kebab!


Nasi Tomato and Fried Chicken


Deep Fried Whole Quail (Puyuh Goreng)


Old Favourite – Murtabak


Famous Stall No. 2 – Ayam Percik, the best that I’ve ever eaten! So tender, so smoky and so flavourful when the peanut gravy is pour over the chicken.


Assorted Kuih Muih


Apam Beras in Vibrant Colours


Famous Stall No. 3 aka The Stall with Longest Queue – Nasi Briyani Johor, choose from chicken, lamb or beef.


Famous Stall No. 4 – Pulut Udang, grilled on the spot. Beware of the spicy kick from the coconut shrimp filling though!



Not to forget Kampungboy’s favourite, Sup Tulang


Fear Factor Food– The Main Ingredient for Sup Torpedo (that make guys perform like a torpedo) . *shy*


Cooling and Refreshing Drinks


some skewered meat for you?


Ketupat Daun Pulas


Nasi Lauk


Fried Noodles


Putu Piring? No, its Putu Buluh


Apam Balik


Roti John


Honey Chicken Wing


Pak Tam Ikan Bakar Utara


Roti John

Map 1

I hope that you guys will have fun visiting pasar ramadans across Malaysia this year. Seeing everyone, regardless of race, creed or political preferences squeezing through or shouting or negotiating or gulping down at the bazaar with a smile on their face reminds me that our country is not that hopeless after all. Selamat berpuasa to all my Malay friend and readers!


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  1. Whoa, saliva dripping de… Going to the nearest Pasar Ramadhan NOW!!!


  2. Pasar Ramadhan!!!

    The only thing that going through our mind was a lot of things to eat!!! Yea, you can see food being prepared and cooked on the stop especially ayam percik, satay, murtabak (Tam Ciak’s favourite)and food that are much cheaper than normal Chinese Stalls like fried popiah and karipap…

    Well, of all this food sold during pasar ramadhan.. we can’t wait for them to start selling Lemang.. taste sooo nice and you normally get it during Hari Raya only.. on normal days, they’re so hard to get…


  3. Cumi&Ciki says:

    very cool shots! how come never bump into you at TTDI pasarmalam ah..? lol


  4. J2Kfm says:

    amazing. so much to salivate over. Pasar Ramadan has been, and still is my permanent fixture come bulan puasa. but nowadays, i leave the purchasing to my family. hahaha …while I come back from work and enjoy the day’s treasures. :)

    LOL to the torpedo innuendo …


  5. JENCOOKS says:

    Macam makanan agong rather than pasar malam; like that stack of popiah ~tall order.


  6. I would like to try a little of everything…hehe


  7. jasmine says:

    i’ve always been fond of TTDI’s ramadhan bazaar but it’s so difficult to get there… have to brave the traffic etc.

    ps. i thought the “torpedo” thing was the cow’s tongue :P


  8. mimid3vils says:

    Thanks for ur recommendation, hope can go for it soon :)


  9. ai wei says:

    slurp slurppp! so fast, another yr has come. u guys frequent to ramadhan bazaar e… i have yet step my foot at ramadhan bazaar before…


  10. ling239 says:

    Nasi Tomato and Fried Chicken is very good…..


  11. The Ramadan Bazaar there sure offer more variety than the one over here


  12. Jackson Kah says:

    gosh… this year i havent been to any ramadhan bazaar yet… miss those food!


  13. Precious Pea says:

    I wonder why whenever I want to go to Ramadan Bazaar, sure it will rain that day….sigh.


  14. xin says:

    today i am going to this after work! it is right opposite my office and yet i have not been there yet…


  15. waisikmiao says:

    yummy…. Bcoz of u both i went to tmn tun’s bazaar today, and somehow the mood of going bazaar suddenly came in… any other recommendations for bazaar this year???


  16. jirain says:



  17. Chin says:

    There’s no such thing as nasi lauk. The best description for the picture is lauk-pauk (side-dishes) Plural: lauk-pauk. Singular: lauk


  18. Chin says:

    But there is Nasi Campur.


  19. Nasha says:

    Hi there, google some pix and landed on ur doorstep.
    Pinjam satu pix ya…all the pix look inviting!!!
    TTDI emmm..quite far for me to go..

    If u wanna try, Pandan Indah area is not bad either but jam hike!
    .-= Nasha´s last blog ..Ragam Bazaar Ramadhan =-.


    kampungboycitygal Reply:

    hey nasha, no problem! :)
    will visit more bazaar this yr, yum yum


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