Bazaar Ramadhan @ Jalan Telawi One, Bangsar


    There is no better time for us to titillate taste buds than by touring the various bazaars Ramadan over the country this weekend. So, here we go again, another long pictorial post on the wide array of mouth watering local delicacies available at bazaar Ramadan Bangsar (infront of the mosque and aneka selera Bangsar). This time around, we arrived at the bazaar as early as 4pm to avoid the crowds and queues.


    Again, we would love to feature few of the famous stalls here. The first one would be the Portuguese style seafood that Boolicious has featured in her Ramadan post before. Selling at RM 5 per serving, the stir fry squid is very good; the fiery red gravy added a spicy aroma to this dish.


    An enticing stall – Raja Murtabak with nothing but murtabaks in sight can be found as you walk along the bazaar. One can choose from biasa (RM2.50), special (RM5.00) or raja (double the size, with extra minced meat and cheese – RM 10.00).




    Towards the end of the bazaar is an Indian Rojak stalls managed by a bunch of friendly chatty guys. Assorted fried stuffs are spread across the long table for customers to pick and the guys will cut it into smaller slices. Sometimes, freebies (courtesy of the boss) are thrown into your basket without you realizing.  The fried stuff that we bought came with a big packet of rojak sauce with cucumbers and onions.


    The jumbo size prawn fritters are out of the world delicious!  It is selling at only RM 1.50.


    This Kelantanese stall has a good scene of folks in the mission. Judging by the number of customers who queue under the hot sun just for a taste of it, we kiasuly bought a packet of nasi dagang and nasi kerabu. To my surprise, the nasi dagang is as good as the one from Kampung Ladang. The rice, steamed together with coconut milk is aromatic, pairs perfectly with the tuna gulai darat.


    The first sight that greeted us – Ayam Percik stall.


    Sarawak Café came out with something new, rojala – a hybrid of roti jala and murtabak. If you were to ask the verdict, it was too bland for our liking.


    Thirst Quenchers Anyone?



    There’s quite a number of Ikan Bakar Portugis stall around but our favourite remains as the previous stall with stir fry squid.


    Stir Fry Kerang



    Kueh Jongkong


    Savory Kueh with Chicken and Chili.


    Kuih Bakar



    Towards the end of the bazaar is the nasi lemak kukus stall that sells piping hot nasi lemak with various dishes.



     Chocolate Cake (RM 2 per slice)

     Have a good weekend everyone!



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