Krispy Kreme from Melbourne!


10 things I love about Krispy Kreme!
krispy kreme

1. They spell doughnuts correctly. It’s not donuts for god’s sake!
hot doughnuts
2. There is the famous “Hot Doughnuts Now” sign that lit whenever the glazed doughnuts are rolling hot along the belt.
8 seconds
3. One can have the doughnuts fresh and warm anytime, with the help of a microwave.
one dozen
4. The varieties! You want it glazed? Iced? With frosting? Sprinkles? For fillings, just choose from blueberries, custard, jam, cream, chocolate or regular.
5. They manage to make some greasy deep-fried cake dipped in icing so good!
 6. The doughnuts are deliciously addictive and additively delicious. It was like eating a soft warm piece of love.
7. They have an inspirational story behind their sweet success. Read the book Making Dough: The 12 Secret Ingredients of Krispy Kreme’s Sweet Success.
8. Kreme doughnuts are guilt’s free! They are free from trans fat. Can you believe that?
9. Their signature garrison cap is so cute! Please get me one will you?
10. The girl who gets me a box of these goodies is so sweet like that. Thanks Vinzl!

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  1. J2Kfm says:

    oh and rumours abound that they’re coming to Msia?
    I binge on Big Apple’s every once in a while (as Ipoh takde JCO …)
    and it’s high time a new contender arrives!


  2. Precious Pea says:

    Tot I have the chance to try this out in Bali, bad luck, the shop has closed down. Aii…never mind, i guess i will just get it from Melbourne…soon!


  3. cumi&ciki says:

    Yummie DONUTS.. oops! haha.. american spelling(or rather lack of) .. forgive.. lol ;D


  4. j2fkm: yeah opening at one utama..kinda worried about jco n big apple

    pea: hahaha yeah mind u that it costs about rm 100 for one dozen..O_o

    cumi and ciki: haha guess noone cares about the spelling when the doughnut/donut is good


  5. jasmine says:

    was trying to try the fresh ones in bali too, but like precious pea, found the place closed down. pity. hopefully it’s really coming to 1u. but so far, based on the ones i tried (ta paoed from melb too), i think really gives them a run for their money. :)


  6. ling239 says:

    heard that they will be in One-U soon…
    but still no idea when :p


  7. mimid3vils says:

    Coming to M’sia!!! No need all the way from Melbourne, hehe :)


  8. wmw says:

    Aiyah, waiting for it to arrive but also dreading the anticipated queue and extra calories heading my way when they do arrive! Hahaha…


  9. coketai says:

    Since the first time I took a bite in LA 6 years ago…I don;t want to try any other doughnuts, I love the original sugar coating version. I have a colleagues that will bought a dozen doughnuts every friday and bring to our office in LA to share with other colleagues in the office..we then call him ” Mr.Friday Doughnuts Man”!!!

    When can have Krsipy Kreme Doughnuts in Malaysia!!!!! The nearest place may be in Bali or further down in Hong Kong..when is our turn in Malaysia??



  10. asman says:

    it will be coming to m’sia. next year. and the company that will be bringing it over is non other than berjaya itself… (sheeshh.. wendy’s, starbucks, kenny rogers, bla bla bla……)


  11. asman says:

    yup.. its coming. next year. berjaya group bringing it here. they really are going all out, since they already have starbucks, kenny rogers, wendy’s, etc…..


  12. ai wei says:

    wow! krispy kreme!!! yerrr, so nice…

    but… free from trans fat?! i dun believe o. kekeke


  13. vinzie says:

    awesome pics! if its not opened in msia by the time im back, just let me know. i dont mind bringing it to u again. its really no hassle! previously, i told the person to pick at random, but this time i’ll choose! and no worries, ure most welcome!


  14. Elle says:

    Krispy Kreme is way too sweet for my liking, its basically made out of sugar its abt 1000 calories per donut thou.


  15. don says:

    I agree with Elle. Krispy Kreme is much more sweeter (read – too sweet) when compared to either JCo or Big Apple. They are opening soon with the main one at Berjaya Time Square since the franchise is held by Berjaya.


  16. Wai says:

    ha…hope will be opened when I’m back in msia :)


  17. Sheela says:

    krispy kreme= heaven, their doughnuts are one of the things i miss the most about aussie…the iced chocolate doughnut (i can’t remember the name precisely- but its the one with the chocolate topping + custard filling) is the best doughnut ever! They sell very good ice cream too!


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