Yokomon Ice Cream @ Sunway Pyramid



Citygal picking up using her charm against the guy at the counter.


Kawaii Display



Winding the lever



So there is this place at Sunway Pyramid that makes me give little shrieks of “Kawaii Neh” like those Japanese school girl wannabes. The decor shouts cute and cheerful all at once and the pink white green colours are even mirrored in the little ice cream cups.

Probably realizing that RM6.90 for a scoop of ice cream is beyond the reasonable range, they are now having a promotion where you can get a single scoop at RM 5.50.

Students from Taylors, Sunway, Monash, KDU, etc are given an even cheaper rate at RM 5.00.

“But I’m not from those colleges, so not fair!”, I told the staff, of the other species with soft ears (that are easier to pour lies into) obviously.

“Hmm, so you are still doing college? I’ll give you the student rate then.”I felt bad for conning my way for a mere 50 cents.

Come to think about it, 50 cents can buy me half a sugus bar or a cup of chinese tea ice. I felt better instantly. We picked matcha and goma. First, the staff took out a small round tub with slabs of frozen ice cream and placed it in a special compartment of the machine.

After some winding action, the frozen ice cream comes out in pretty swirls. Other than matcha (green tea), goma (black sesame), they have azuki (red bean), ichigo (strawberry), daku choko (dark chocolate) and ramu reezun (rum raisin), with matcha, ichigo and daku choko being the most popular flavor. The ice cream turned out soft and creamy after some compressing actions in the machine. I would definitely return to try the other flavours, all of them.

Yokomon Ice-Cream Stand

Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid


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  1. cumi&ciki says:

    looks like such fun.. and yum too!


  2. Bernsy says:

    pics showing u guys enjoying the ice cream wo.. hahahaha….

    I wonder which one u enjoy more, ice cream or getting the pic taken.. wakakaka


  3. myCoffee says:

    Looks delicious! Must try next time!


  4. Tummythoz says:

    Just pix & no write-up? Just the cheerful colours & bright smiles say it all huh. =D


  5. Precious Pea says:

    So kawaii!!!


  6. Christine says:

    looks cute!! the place, the colours, the environment, the ice creams and both of u! :)


  7. Criz Lai says:

    Was that a DIY type of service? What was the cost then? The green one must be green tea right?



  8. alexis-marie says:

    It’s 7 in the morning but I totally want some of that ice cream.. The picture looks so good


  9. ling239 says:

    this place looks exciting…
    all the deco are so cute ! ^_^


  10. Ohhh…have such a cute name.
    I like some yokomon.


  11. -kent- says:

    the label was so cute…

    my first selection for ice-cream will always green tea!!!



  12. I wonder if the icecream is imported?


  13. J2Kfm says:

    aiya .. I passed by Asian Avenue a few times, as we parked there,but somehow missed this. other than the steamboat outlet and Station kopitiam, din realise there are more.


  14. sc says:

    really kawaii desuneh! so cute looking!


  15. J2Kfm says:

    for 50 cents, I’d do the same as well. haha …
    I still use my student card to purchase movie tickets. =P


  16. mimid3vils says:

    RM5.50 per cup, that’s very reasonable~~


  17. Simon Seow says:

    So finally it make it’s way to Malaysia huh. Always eat it’s green tea ice-cream when I go down to Singapore. Hey, Malaysia one is cheaper.


  18. jason says:

    Ice cream! Must go back to Sunway for this!


  19. ai wei says:


    i wanna try this. hehhe, as least i m still a college student, shud hav the student rate hor?!


  20. Isabelle says:

    I’ve eaten their ice-cream and it is my favourite ice-cream scinse…its sooooo goooooood!!!



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