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    Our first visit to Unique Seafood falls on Father’s Day, with a lounge full of customers waiting to be seated we were fortunate enough to secure a table shortly. We handed dad the baton of ordering since it was his day.

    We were expecting jumbo oysters, huge mantis prawns, bigger sized crabs but most of the orders turned out less than satisfactory. According the restaurant manager, those were “the few left in the tank” unless we can tolerate with the frozen seafood. Most of the non seafood dishes like guai fei chi (empress faux sharkfin), claypot egg plant with minced meat, two-some kalian are pretty good. The salted egg crab albeit small in size, is really rich and flavourful. It better be, since Unique claimed themselves as the pioneer of salted egg crab.

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    Two Way Kailan

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    Claypot Egg Plant with Minced Meat

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    Guai Fei Chi (Empress Faux Sharkfin)

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    LaLa in XO Sauce


    Salt and Pepper Mantis Prawn


    Cheese Baked Oyster


    Salted Egg Crab


    Sea Coconut Dessert

    The total bill came about RM 180 which is pretty reasonable. For a minimum amount of RM100 spent on each bill, we were entitled for a kg of free fresh water prawns. So my parents make a revisit to claim for the voucher, and ended up ordering more. With more vouchers on hand, we went back for a family dinner the third time and this time around we have more vouchers to spend. Can you see the chain effect? The free fresh water prawn promotion is a pretty good marketing gimmick huh?


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    A medium size geoduck with fresh, plump and firm looking siphons was chosen. Known as the elephant trunk clam in Chinese, the giant clams purported to have aphrodisiac qualities are particularly popular in Asia countries.

    Do not be fooled by a geoduck’s freakish look, with its large meaty siphon or neck extending from its large oval shaped shell. The meat has a sweet, fresh sea flavor and crunchy texture and is best eaten raw ala sashimi style or plunge quickly into boiling soup. Extra vegetables and tofu were ordered too.

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    Stir Fry Lotus Roots

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    Japanese Clam in XO Sauce


    Fresh Water Prawn in Dark Sauce

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    Salted Egg Crab (Flower Crab)

    Other than ala carte menu, Unique Seafood has more to offer, especially value for money set lunches and dinners that’s priced between 188++ to 688++. The dinner comes with a little heftier price tag but is worth every single cent. We were fairly happy with most of the dishes ordered, other than the insignificant flower crab that was recommended by the manager. Apparently Unique Seafood is quite popular among Ipoh folks, with a good scene of crowds on weekend nights, so do make your reservation beforehand.

    Restoran Perak Unique Seafood
    No 5, Persiaran Lagoon Sunway 1,
    31150 Ipoh, Perak.
    Tel 05-5486010 / 016 2615622
    Fax 05-5486020


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