The Cave @ SS2 [CLOSED]

    *closed down*



    Most PJ folks must have noticed this place, a huge three storey themed restaurant that offers “24 hours couple dining and drinking”. The outside of The Cave looked so forbidding, so rocky and brassy, that I could never allow myself to walk past it without having a peep inside. Yes, despite all the negative reviews that we have heard about the food here, with an adventurous heart, we dropped by one night.

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    With rock-like formations covering the ceiling and walls, the exotic restaurant is pretty enticing. Upon entrance, we walked through a tunnel and were greeted by the sight of huge dingy cave room with bar and lounges that offer places for chilling out. The stairs will lead us up to more individual cave rooms for couples and small groups while third floor is an open cave area that can accommodates 70 pax. We were then led into our own cave room. The seating is pretty tight where couples have to sit side by side. Dim lights resembling flame torches adorn the cave walls in our little private room so you can hardly read the menu. The menu is pretty extensive, from lamb shank, pasta, steak to soba, smooth egg noodles and sweet sour chicken rice. You name it, they have it. KampungBoy thinks that it’s weird to have “Dai Chou” stuff at such a nice place, so we settled for the set dinner at RM 39++.



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    Roma Tomato and Orange Soup with Parmiagiano Stock. The tomato orange soup has an artificial tang to it. It’s more like slurping on extremely sour thinned-out ketchup. To make thing worst, I had mouth ulcer and the sour soup actually aggravate it further. Even KampungBoy is not willing to have another spoonful of it because the sourness is just repellant.

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    For main we had the Baked Dory Fillet with Tangy Lemon Juice. A tiny slab of dory fillet is served on a bed of greens and mashed. The fish fillet was OK but the gravy was bland.

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    The saving grace, mix berries crumble with vanilla ice cream comes last. Guess you can’t go wrong with crumbles and vanilla ice cream?



    Paid so much. Die die must cam-whore! All in all, I love the cave-theme interior but the menu has failed in keeping with the theme. Imagine having CKT at such a nice place. The food was rather disappointing too; I can’t be so mean because they are still fairly new and probably need some time to ‘settle down’. It would be a great place for chilling out and drinks, but if you ask what about a proper meal? All I can say is let’s just see how thing goes then.

    The Cave Couple Cafe & Restaurant Sdn Bhd
    No 42, Mezzanine Floor,
    Jalan SS2/61,
    47300 Petaling Jaya,
    Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

    (Opens from 11a.m. to 1a.m. daily, apparently they are not operating 24 hours YET)


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