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oriental spoon

“Hi guys, can do me a favor? I need a Mandarin-English translator as I’m doing an interview with a China chinese chef from Oriental Spoon.”

“Sure! We would love to!”

In fact, Chef Yu, who was hailed all the way from Guangzhou, China, speaks his mother tongue so accurately and succinctly that will put our “mangonese” (Malaysian Cantonese) into shame. Jason Ipoh Mali has no problem conversing in Cantonese as well. Nevertheless, a beautiful misunderstanding as such has led us to a hidden gem at Sooka Sentral for excellent stuff.

oriental decor

Oriental Spoon that serves halal dim sum and ala carte Chinese cuisine is located at Sooka Sentral, a new lifestyle mall more often known as the stunning giant shark like building that take less than 5 minutes of walking distance from KL Sentral.


Captivating pieces of Chinese décor and solid wood furniture creates a sense of intimacy despite the restaurant’s location at one of the most hustle bustle place in the city. Patrons can choose to be seated in either the private booths that can seat four people comfortably, the round shaped cushioned enclave for a cozy meet or a larger private room that can accommodate bigger groups.



taro puff

hedgehog bun


tong gao

lotus root

cheong fun

egg tart


fried mantao copy

xo fried rice

the making of hedgehog bun


The making of Hedgehog Bun that requires much skills and experiences.


Chef Yu and ‘Sous Chefs’



  1. Steamed Siew Mai with Fresh Scallops
  2. Yam Dumpling
  3. Sesame bun
  4. Sharks fin dumpling in superior soup
  5. Deep fried lotus roots puff with minced chicken
  6. Steamed rice rolls with sweet corn and minced chicken
  7. Egg tarts
  8. Butter crab and fried mantao
  9. Spicy XO sauce Fried rice

* All food above is from ala-carte menu.

Managed under the same brilliant team of Bangsar Seafood Village, I can almost ascertain the quality of food and service. The dim sums are special creations of Chef Yu who has been in the dim sum industry for more than 10 years. The word “halal” is not much of an issue here because everything is so close to the real deal, some even fares better compared to their oink oink counterparts.

I almost can’t believe it when Jade, the sweet PR girl told me that they are doing a dim sum buffet promotion on every Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday for the month of July at RM 18.80++! It is too good to be true, considering ala carte price that ranges from RM 5 to RM 12, it is a very good deal. I’m going to make my reservation anytime soon!

Oriental Spoon
1-5, Sooka Sentral,
Jalan Stesen Sentral 5,
Kuala Lumpur
(opposite the MRCB building)
If you are coming from Brickfields, take the elevated road, which is called Jalan Stesen Sentral 5. Keep to your furthest right as the road curves, and take the first right turn. Sooka Sentral is on your left
Tel: 03 – 2261 3222/ Fax: 03-2780 2055
Opening hours: 7 days a week (
11 am – 8pm)
Later opening hours for dinner: Just give them a ring in advance, and they’ll open till
10pm for dinner


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  1. J2Kfm says:

    buffet’s a steal, as most dimsum outlets even in Ipoh
    cost more than RM10/pax/meal.
    hmmm, if I’m in KL this month, kindly be my food guide ya?


  2. the dim sum buffet looks like a good offer and difficult to resist!


  3. jason says:

    It was a beautiful misunderstanding indeed. ^^
    Thanks for the help by the way, appreciate it. :)


  4. cumi&ciki says:

    food that looks so fine.. u wanna take it HOME.. not eat it.. harhar :P


  5. daphne says:

    that’s a great price from the looks of the dimsum!


  6. xin says:

    wow the butter crab is so wow!!!


  7. j2fkm: sure..haha ring me ya?

    bbo: yeah such beautiful presentation

    jason: haha thanks for the invite jason :D

    cumi n ciki: wish i can bring the sand sculpture home..so pretty

    daphne: in fact its a very good deal

    xin: yeah it is! yummy


  8. jaded says:

    Whoa, RM18.80++ for buffet dim sum, very worth it wor!


  9. Christine says:

    hedgehog bun so cute! beautiful presentation :)
    I want dim sum…. :(


  10. ling239 says:

    the Hedgehog Bun is really cute ~ ^_^


  11. vkeong says:

    wow.. you documented the whole process? i’m impressed :D


  12. ai wei says:

    it is so worth it!!! when are u going again?!


  13. Your suave ultra chic ‘today one’ review has upped the citi streak in you and so we have to come out of the backstreets very soon or die beside the drain , in ignorance and despair
    haha !


  14. velverse says:

    Hemmm… food I would say okay… but I definately disagree with the quality service.

    Maybe they just aren’t ready to handle the weekend buffet. But they way they treat customers during the buffet is horrible. Look away when people wanted to order and worst… we make the order and after 2 hours of waiting… they tell us the food is finish. Totally disappointing service.


  15. ditzzy says:

    hey kampungboycitygal, i just stumbled upon your blog few weeks ago and has been reading since.

    anyway, i went for the dimsum buffet yesterday and it was really dissappointing….well i mean for RM18.80++ i shudnt expect much rite, well that was what we got. dimsum were limited cuz they come to u n bring the dimsum, looked nothing like what u described. taste was less than mediocre, variety was very limited and all we tasted was sweet bun, sweet springrolls, funky tasting dumpling and so on…

    to make end worse, they charged us RM3 for the peanuts served on the table (which we didnt eat btw…cuz we always take an extra precaution when it comes to peanuts that has been on the table for god-knows-how-long), well we didnt know that it was chargeable, next time shud just tell the waiter to take it away so they wont charge it.

    we didnt try the a la carte, so nothing to say there. but for the dimsum buffet, i wont recommend it to anybody.

    btw…love your blog! :)
    keep up the good work.


  16. howshouse says:

    gonna be tough to devour a cute face hedgehog. hahah


  17. melissa says:

    Yea i agree with velverse, the food not nice at all.. i think is not worth for 18.80++ .n we really need to wait for so long for the food and that’s rite, they tell us the food is finish after long wait.. huh..


  18. wmw says:

    Guess both service and food standards are compromise during the weekend buffet.


  19. KNizam says:

    look yummy. hehe :)


  20. xiu long bao says:

    looking good. Rm18.80 is really a great deal for dimsum buffet!

    Btw,the hedgehog buns look like the one i had in Bonny’s kitchen @ hartamas.


  21. looks like im not the only whos complaining abt the buffet..


  22. jaded: yeah the cheapest in town too!

    christine: awww..poor thing..i’ll reimburse u when ur back

    ling239: yeah so cute that i find it hard to land it on my mouth

    vkeong: haha for the sake of more pictures

    aiwei: anytime that u like dear

    bsg: haha glad tat ive bring out the ‘cityness’ in u guys

    velverse: im so sorry about the whole experience..i’ve informed the restaurant manager about this matter

    ditzzy: awww..another bad experience..but the ala carte that we tried was really good..thanks for ur support dear..can i have your contact btw?

    howshouse: exactly! we are having a hard time too


  23. melissa: omg more negative comments coming up..i’ve reflected this to oriental spoon management that apparently they are working on something to reimburse u guys

    wmw: yeah what a waste..the food n service is actually nt bad during normal time

    knizam: hie welcome here

    xlb: haha i wana go there too..bring me next time

    joe: ooo u went for the buffet as well?


  24. Hi all

    Jade here on behalf of Oriental Spoon. Certainly noted the comments about the lack in service, and the running out of food part. We’re truly sorry for the lack lustre performance during the weekend. We received overwhelming response (kudos goes to Kampungboycitigal, and jasons ipoh mali blog and writing and also food street) – and were really taken by surprise in terms of thr surge in crowd.

    We have since upped our level of commitment, by doing away with the “ala carte” buffet, in terms of going around to take orders, but instead, our waiters are somewhat like the dim sum restaurant type (think them hollering out who wants the next siew mai, har kao etc – not holler lar, just asking =)).

    So, have spoken to the management, and we would like to certainly make good of our promise to deliver wholesomely oriental food to our customers by replacing this, with a better experience. Do get in contact with me here, at soyabeanmilk@gmail.com to find out more.


    Oriental Spoon


  25. Simon Seow says:

    Wah, RM 18.80 but on weekends and public holiday, sure pack.


  26. Bangsar-bAbE says:

    I was planning to try their dim sum buffet with my friends this weekend. Looks like it’s a no go for me now… 0_0


  27. Wow..!! definitely value for money..!! gotta come home..! gotta come home soon..!


  28. yeah went for the buffet with the “new” format, im sorry but jade, the experience both with food and service totally erases the good time i had there..


  29. Wesley says:

    I’m a travel agent and would normally recommend guest and traveler good places for food. After having buffet at your place, I have decided not to do so as the food is lousy and the service terrible. Prior to that, I’m planning to bring a group of 30 to 50 guests to your place. If you do not want to lose anymore business, pls buck up. I might be stopping by again.


  30. durianberry says:

    Lol.. Mangonese ;D

    *squeee* Ah..the cuteness of hedgehog bun! The food sure looks pretty and creatively presented, especially butter crab


  31. rokh says:

    must must go! time to touch my heart again hehe


  32. Lots of craving, its ok. honesty is appreciated.
    have posted on ur blog di. go check.

    Wesley, would be great if you could email me here: soyabeanmilk@gmail.com

    Melissa, christine do get in touch with me too =)



  33. chiariyees says:

    been a reader of your blog for quite some times, and were attracted to visit some of your recommended eateries too. =)

    and this one too, i’m going to the buffet tomorrow with my gang, and to my horror i just saw some negative reviews of it~ but upon seeing jade’s reply, i’m keeping my fingers crossed, hope they improve it and let us experience a wonderful dining experience tomorrow~


  34. mimid3vils says:

    I think their food did improve, services quite prompt, foods are acceptable…. I tried the buffet yesterday ~.~


  35. vivmickey says:

    hmm… so many bad reviews on the food & services…

    is this dimsum buffet promotion suppose to be a mean to “attract” people to the restaurant or an avenue to stop people from coming through the bad reports & experiences…

    i very much wanted to come & try out the food…


  36. simon seow: yeah apparently they are full for all days this week

    bangsar babe: guess theres hits n misses in the menu

    rex: cant find such cheap dim sum fare over there rite

    joe: aww its too bad to hear that again..seriously they need to come out with something

    wesley: noted..hope the oriental spoon ppl is reading this

    durianberry: where have u been girl?

    rokh: yeah read ur review on china treasures..looks good!

    chiariyees: do let me know how was it ya :)

    mimid3vils: phewww glad to hear that :)

    vivmickey: hahaha so did u ended up going?


  37. chiariyees says:

    i went there with mimid3vils & gang, like what she said, service ok, food selection ok, just the food considered not bad, but so-so for me~


  38. we were there for their dim sum buffet,it looks such a good offer and good value, hmmmmmm . . . . the food was not up to what been describe and service was hmmm . . . . when start to calculate and worked it out, still prefer to Jacksonnkah’s recommendation to dim sum at Hong Kee, PJ . . . we still miss the shang chow lo mai fan! :)


  39. Mandy says:

    The service is slow especially during peak hour (12.30pm to 3pm), we are not really enjoy the buffet dim sum and feel disappointed.

    Maybe this is one of their promotion strategy to use attactive picture and price to attract people.

    Why cant they like normally dim sum restaurant which can provide hot and fresh dim sum buy using a trolley to ask around? Or at least they should have a full set of dim sum for us to select when we are seated?


  40. Melvin says:

    Anyone tried the buffet recently? How is it?


  41. rena loo says:

    the food is bad and the manager .service is worst among all restaurant in KL


  42. MARLON TAMAYO says:

    the chinese manager canT understand simple english,how she can communicate with other nationality.why caNT she speak english,what a manager%^$^%&^(&(stupid bitch)


  43. jessi te says:

    not good service and food were disgusting.the resto must be closed


  44. joyce lim says:

    I tried to ring up at tel no. 2261 3222 but line terminated. Called up 3 times btween 11.30am to 3 pm. Think given wrong no. above.

    Is there a promotion for July? Should we make reservations by calling up first?


    kampungboycitygal Reply:

    Hi Joyce

    Sorry my fault but oriental spoon was closed. n the promotion was last year. I’ll put a “closed” clause to my post.


  45. joyce lim says:

    I went to Oriental Spoon 2 months ago, but it was closed for renovation.
    Is it done by now? I wish to take my friends there this weekend, 13th Sept. 2009.



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