Deuk Deuk Tong (Traditional Sweets)

    “Dong Dong Dong”, we were distracted from our scrumptious fare of dim sum in Foo San. A man in his early 30s is holding a pair of flat chisels to break the big block of candies apart. Two packets (RM 3) of Deuk Deuk Tong was brought home then.


    Having lived in a “mentos” generation, it is something new for us but not for our parents. It has brought back a lot of childhood memories of them; Deuk Deuk Tong was regarded luxury back then when everyone is struggling is make ends meet.


    Deuk Deuk Tong or commonly referred to as Ding Ding Tong is a type of traditional candy in Hong Kong. It is a hard maltose candy with sesame and ginger flavors. The sweet is made by first melting maltose, then adding to it various ingredients and continuously stirring the mixture. Before the mixture solidifies, it is put on a metal stick and pulled into a line shape, then coiled into the shape of a plate. (Information from Wikimapia)


    Boy! It tasted so good and al natural! With rough and uneven cuts, the maltose taste is rich and delicious with a light hinge of ginger. Any idea on where we can get such goodies around KL?


    Original picture as requested.


    • cumi&ciki says:

      wow! great post! i didn’t even know of this prior 2ur blog.. yes, does anyone know?? i would like some too 🙂

    • daphne says:

      Oh yes. The sounds of the “ding ding ding” is always welcoming.

    • J2Kfm says:

      Oh dear! I havent heard or tasted these before I think! =P
      lost childhood memories.

      Citygal, can you post the last pic in colour?
      would like to see whether I’ve seen the candy or not b4.
      not like ‘Mat Nga Tong’? (Maltose candy)

    • shleesy says:

      there’s one in front of the Popular bookstore at Petaling St., not sure if it’s still there though. I remember the uncle used to had his tool, mini hammer and screw driver lookalike to “dong dong” the candy.

    • coketai says:

      If I still recall, you get this in front of Popular Book Store in Petaling street!! ( I warn you…my memory way back many many years ago so I don;t know even Popular book store still there or not!!)


    • Precious Pea says:

      Long long time ago, i remembered there was an uncle selling this in Petaling Street. I wonder if he is still there. BUt the last time i had this was in Melaka..Jonker Street if not mistaken. Sad hor? Sooner or later, this trade will extinct.

    • cumi&ciki: haha u can try ur luck at petaling street i guess?

      daphne: brings back memories huh?

      james: haha posted..dun think that its from our era lar, maybe our parents’ era :p

      shleesy: thanks for the info dear..hope that it’s still there..such a waste that such skills n sweets extinct

      coketai: popular is still there hehe..i hope sames goes to the candy stall

      precious pea: these kl ppl with their good memories..pea u must learn up the skill n make big $$

    • joky says:

      Hi there.

      I remember seeing this once in a blue moon at chow yang pasar malam or even the subang SS13 pasar malam (Sunday) but the uncle is not consistent. He’ll come one week and not come the following, etc..

      Try your luck.

    • vkeong says:

      It’s a shame this type of street food is fast disappearing. And those Hongkie/Kopitiam style restaurants are mushrooming like crazy.. sigh

      I guess your best bet to find these food should be in pasar malam and Petaling Street

    • kristine3278 says:

      Is this uncle always sell in front of Foo San, Ipoh? Actually i didn’t try this before..but I do heard my dad said about I wish to get some for my dad..if anyone meets this uncle, can you please take his Hp no or ask whether he will come to ipoh normally??

    • Jennifer T says:

      HI…i think you can get this @ the SS2 pasar malam on either Tuesdays or Thursday…cant promise but i saw a quite young guy selling this candy…if you do get it pls do let me know…thanks a bunch.

    • Charles T says:

      OMG this bring back memories of when I was a child back in 70s and the Dong Dong man would bang his metal tools to tell eveyone he’s selling his sweets. I and my siblings would run from our 10th floor flats to buy our portion of these traditional sweet and I had thought that none of these traditional sweet sellers still exist! Brought a tear to my eyes and long old memories of a time gone by! I’ll definatly be looking out for him the next time Im in Ipoh!

    • p says:

      they have them infront of those ampang yong tau foo shop in ampang.

    • Charles T says:

      Thanks for the info p. Will look out for it? Do you know at what time or date he is around there?

    • Mo says:

      Hi Guys!, Do you all by any chance know where can I find the Chinese Dragon Beard?

    • WW says:

      Malacca! Jonker Street! buy the white ones dun buy brown ones

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