Making Your Own / DIY Fruits Enzyme

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    Day 5 – See the bubbles? Enzyme bursting with energy!Enzymes are forms of complex proteins that act as catalysts in almost every biochemical process in our body. We have metabolic enzymes which play a role in all body processes including breathing, talking, moving, thinking, behavior and maintenance of the immune system. The second category is the digestive enzymes and the last category, food enzymes which presents in raw foods. Thousands type of enzymes exists, with a role to play in different organs. Some of the main functionalities of enzymes are
    1) Maintain a high alkaline blood ph.
    2) Improve immune system
    3) Improve digestive system and aids constipation
    4) Antioxidant power
    5) Protect our cells from free radical damage.
    6) Lower cholesterol level
    My mum has learned from her friends the methods to make your own fruits enzyme. After months of consuming the enzyme drinks, she has experience significant improvement in health. It is an effective remedy for her gastric problem and instead of feeling lethargic all time, she’s feeling energetic.I’m starting on my enzyme drinks regime right now (two table spoon per day) and I want to achieve a better digestive system and go to the loo more often. *shy*However, there’s not much of information on these home made enzyme in English. I’ve found a couple of Chinese sites that explained about the goodness of fruits enzyme and the right methods of doing it.


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    Day 20 – Voila! Ready to drink?

    1. Clean and dry all fruits, utensils and containers to inhibit mould growth at the latter stage.
    2. Arrange layers of cut fruits, sliced lemons and brown sugar starting from the bottom of the container.
    3. Repeat till the content is around 50% full as the fermentation process later will release gases and the juices may overflow if the content is too full.
    4. Brown sugar being the top layer.
    5. Close the container tightly and leave it in a dry and cool place.
    6. Remember to shake the container lightly everyday to ensure that the fruits and top part of the bottle are immersed in liquid to prevent mold growth. If required, add more brown sugar to create a more concentrated extract with high sugar content.
    7. If mould is seen, remove the affected fruits and add more brown sugar. If else failed, everything has to be disposed.
    8. The enzyme should be ready to be consumed in 2-3 weeks.
    9. Sieve the fruits and pour the juices into a new glass bottle.
    10. Keep the enzyme drink in refrigerator because cool temperature will slow down the fermentation process that will turn the enzyme into alcohol.
    11. The leftover fruits can be used as body exfoliater and fertilizer for the soil.

    Dragon fruits were used for the first batch, with pineapples, oranges and grapes in the process of fermentation before the grand harvesting. It does tastes very good, with a slight tinge of alcohol. I have to remind myself, only two tablespoon per day, two tablespoon…*hish*



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