Anuar’s Fish Head Curry @ Lucky Garden, Bangsar



In quest for the best fish head curry…



It leads us to non other than Anuar’s Kari Kepala Ikan (Anuar’s fish head curry) that has been in business for more than 30 years. Just around the corner from TMC, this place is always packed to the brim when lunch time rolls around.





Other than the legendary fish head curry, they serves delectable fried chicken, fried ikan cincaru, mutton curry and some stir fry greens as well.




We were tempted to try everything but the boss warned us to limit our orders as today’s fish heads are pretty enormous. Hence, only chickens and fish heads are ordered. The fried chicken is one of the best that I’ve ever had! Perfectly cooked and juicy, the perfectly seasoned meat had actual flavor and a good texture.



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The jenahak (snapper) fish head for two was way too big, and it was the smallest head found in the huge pot. The red curry, sourish and spicy, albeit the absent of coconut milk, is very rich and flavorsome. The fish is cooked just right, not too rare with some warm pink centre and the flesh literally falls off the bone, which a lot of FHC places failed miserably.




It seems like Anuar’s shack is the only place that is not hard hitted by inflations. Teh tarik and roti canai is still going for 50 sens just like decades ago, but we were there two weeks before the petrol price hike. Still, it’s really cheap.


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For desserts, we went to the sweet appam stall which is just a stone’s throw away from Anuar’s. Sweet pleasures for only RM 1, what more could one ask for? Read our previous review here.


Anuar’s Fish Head Curry
At the corner of Lorong Ara Kiri 3
Lucky Garden
Kuala Lumpur
Open from morning till night. Closed on Sundays.



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  • Nic (KHKL) says:

    gosh! RM0.50 roti canai! only! more reasons to tambah nasi for the fish head curry 😉

  • Bernsy says:

    i have driven past this stall many times….
    pictures are great…

    is the jenahak a huge big fish , with lots of bones ?

  • mimid3vils says:

    with that curry broth sure I can finish 2 plates of rice!!!

  • ai wei says:

    gosh, kbcg really know how and where to look for good food!!!

  • jason says:

    The chicken is so tempting!

  • Madeline says:

    The food is really good. The curry is really addictive. Had it for one month non stop. Their fried sotong is good too! And their ingredients are fresh from the market every morning (which is less than 1 minute walk away).

  • durai says:

    The dishes in the post are delicious and tempted me much..but i cant get from here anyhow u enjoy..

  • Tummythoz says:

    Hopefully their prices have not risen too much as I’ve yet to try.

  • we are really drooling over the tenderly looking down dish beside the dessert. Unthinkable aromatic/addictive flavors we would imagine

  • boo_licious says:

    Yeah, I love the food here – everything is so finger licking yummy. Time to get a shot of it this weekend, I reckon.

  • Jian says:

    Omg RM1 for a piece of Apam??? O.o

    Wooo your rice is glowing with succulent drumstick….yumz

  • Daffy Duck says:

    I went there for the first time and was suprised to see that the food was so reasonably priced and tasted so good… I cant believe that there is people like Anwar who is considerate and willing to sell food at a low price. He is very polite and humble when praised. A truly considerate and a good role model to business man. Kudos to him

  • Doll_Gie says:

    wow.. so appetizing.. would love to try…

    i just hope the service would not be like this Aishwarya restaurant in Bangsar.. was upset with the service.. waited for almost 45 minutes and still the mee goreng didnt arrive..! Complaint to the owner, she coolly said things went out of control today, cant do anything. can you imagine that???

    cant believe the attitude of our malaysian restauranteer…

  • BV says:

    since this post is 2 years old, is this place still cheap? Is it open on weekends and on puasa month? anyone know?

  • Anonymous says:

    Yes, Am also wondering is it open during Ramadhan month?
    Anybody know? Planning to visit this THU for lunchie …

  • SPL says:

    Am also wondering is it open during Ramadhan month as planning to visit this THU lor.
    Anyone know?

  • zimirrah says:

    come to Kuala Kangsar , Perak please… :)

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