Dubrovnik Restaurant @ Solaris Mont Kiara [CLOSED]

    dubrovnik restaurant

    Dubrovnik The most southern city in Croatia A magnificent city of hundreds years old… Jewel of the Adriatic

    Dina was enchanted by this beautiful city: for her, it was her beautiful piece of homeland. The town was completed in the 13th century and remains virtually unchanged to the present day. In the early 1990s, Dubrovnik has endured some bombing and serious damage but the old town has been restored to its former beauty through many efforts and aids.


    The pretty Croatian hopes that through the food, people get to know more about her country, thus it ignites her interest in opening the restaurant at Solaris Mont Kiara. Upon an invitation from Food Street, we were fortunate enough to sample some of their signatures.

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    romantic settings

    The two storey high restaurant has adopted a simple but elegant bright white theme which creates an atmosphere that entices guests to relax. The exposed brick wall, even in its unfinished state, is rustic yet refined. It gives the room a more casual, Mediterranean mood, and that mood is enhanced by Croatia’s travel brochures scattered across the table and a screen playing clips featuring the lovely country.

    dua colori soup

    Due Colori Soup (RM 18)

    This is a creamy and becalming concoction of leek and cauliflower which is most likely to be appreciated by the ladies. I think it does not only appeal to the ladies, even my guy friends have dunk countless chunks of bread into the soup, and lick the bowl clean, literally.


    Palacinke (RM 20)

    Palacinke is basically crepes filled with cream cheese. The cotton soft and souffle like crepes and cream cheese are baked, the crispy outer crust has elevates this simple dish to the heights it deserves.


    Strukli (RM 20)

    Another famous delicacy of Croatia, strukli is actually ravioli like cottage cheese dumpling sprinkled with bread crumbs and pan fried. Golden and buttery, with melted cottage cheese oozing out from the sides, this is how I defined comfort food.

    pasta spalato

    Pasta Spalato (RM 31)

    Capsicum, spinach and chevre cheese is served on a bed of fresh hand made garganelli pasta. Garganelli are homemade combed penne from grated Parmesan cheese, nutmeg, eggs and flour dough. This is gorgeous pasta that require too much of work but the chef insist on making fresh pasta daily. Cooked al dente, the garganelli is drenched in wonderfully creamy sauce with cubes of mild and fairly salty goat cheese sans the unpleasant aroma. My mouth waters thinking about it.


    Rumpsteak (RM 49)

    Rumpsteak, probably a tough cut of the meat, is indeed tough but flavorful. It would be better if it is cooked medium rare instead of medium well. Well, at least the filling of sautéed mushroom sandwich between the beef steak is softly textured and flavorful. The sides of sautéed potatoes with slightly toasty surface and stir fried spinach are really good too.

    brodetto with potato

    Brodetto with Potatoes (RM 54)

    The Brodetto is an extremely rich stew overflowing with prawns, shellfish and squid in a tomato and onion base concoction with white wine. We found this stew comforting, wholesome and filled with plenty of morsels from the sea.

    apple pita

    Apple Pita (RM 20)

    Having a seemingly insatiable sweet tooth, I can’t say no to desserts. The warm apple pie in thin crispy dough is perfect match with the icy cold vanilla ice cream. Oh-so-delicious!

    stef's chocolate cake & white chocolate cake


    Stef’s Chocolate Cake (RM 22) & White Chocolate Cake (RM 22)

    Layers of plush, pillowy bittersweet chocolate mousse with amarena cherry serves up a chocolatey and intense flavour that is unforgettable. The white chocolate mousse tastes almost perfectly sweet – not too much or too little – just like any truly good mousse. If I were to complain, it would be the insignificant serving size for the price.

    Thanks to Dina and her chef, Dubrovnik Restaurant offers an unforgettable Croatia experience in an easygoing and relaxed setting. Definitely not light on the pocket, but every dollar spent on the food and ambiance is worth while.

    Dubrovnik Restaurant
    Solaris Mont Kiara,
    Jalan Solaris, Mont Kiara
    (further down the road from Plaza Mont Kiara, pass thru
    Mont Kiara International School. Till the end, turn right and go straight. After the condos, the Solaris Mont Kiara is on your left)
    Tel: 03/62036780



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