3 Days, 2 Birthdays & A Bulging Stomach – Part I


goodies bag

Goodies Bag for Guests


Fried Popiah


Nasi Minyak

curry chicken

Kari Ayam


Ayam Masak Merah


Acar Sayur


Dragon Fruit & Coffee Agar-Agar


Cuties in Beach Wear


Happy Birthday to KampungBoy’s Dad!


Longetivity Noodles


Whole Roasted Chicken


Sweet Sour Garoupa Fish


Sweet Sour Pork Ribs


Sweet Sour Crabs


Two Way Kai Lan


Iron Man Wannabes

“It’s good to come home every now and then, as time goes in a different pace here”, says KampungBoy. I couldn’t agree more. The relaxed pace of life in Terengganu is apparent in the quaint town but one will be easily impressed with its gastronomic delight that exudes an enviable charm.

We have been eating like there’s no tomorrow, mainly because of the two birthday celebrations of KampungBoy’s dad and nephew in merely three days. For his dad’s birthday, we had a lunch gathering ala kenduri style.

The caterers have adequately done a very good job; the food was served piping hot and everything is relatively fresh. An essential for kenduri/wedding function, nasi minyak, or better known as Festive Rice is a perfect accompaniment to the spicy dishes, and it fares quite well as a standalone meal. Cooked with butter, ginger, coconut milk, ginger and various spices; it is highly flavorful and aromatic.

To start with, nibble on some crunchy acar sayur (pickled vegetables) drenched in sweet and sour vinegar sauce. Continue feasting on ayam masak merah (spicy tomato sauce), its distinctively spicy sweet and sour flavour has lured us over again and again. Prepared using free range chicken and various spices, gulai ayam is another variant from the usual curry chicken. Coconut milk makes it creamy with a hint of sweetness and the use of spices takes it to another level of taste. Beef rendang was pretty popular as well, judging from the little leftover for our breakfast the next day.

The dinner was held at Uncle Ng’s Restaurant, one of the better Chinese restaurants in Kuala Terengganu. The food is mediocre, can’t complain much because our taste buds were spoiled by all sort of good Chinese food around Ipoh and KL. However, the roasted chicken deserves a mention here. It’s crackly crispy skin is absolutely delicious; where KampungBoy insist it’s the best part of the bird while I love the tender and juicy part of the meat.

Stay tune for Part II, the ending of our short escapade back home (to some of yours relieve! :p)

Uncle Ng Restaurant
50E, Jalan Tok Lam
20100 Kuala Terengganu
Tel: 09-6312863


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  1. j2kfm says:

    eh the kangkung looks crunchy la … had one of those dual taste kailan in Ipoh as well. wah, with such feast, I dun mind going back to MY kampung ..hehe


  2. Kenny Mah says:

    Them Dragon Fruit & Coffee Agar-Agar look very luscious… and got guest goodie bags some more… Must have been a really satisfying birthday party! :)

    Happy belated birthday, KampungBoy’s dad and nephew! :D


  3. durianberry says:

    Wah so much good food :D Nasi minyak looks like nasi bojari. The cuties in beach wear are so adorable


  4. Nic (KHKL) says:

    wow, must be stuffed to the brim, eh? birthday with nasi minyak, bestnyer!

    btw, what’s in the goodie bag ar? *kay poh moment*..hehe


  5. can’t agree with you more, a true destination to relax!


  6. Bernsy says:

    seriously , the nasi minyak got my attention,
    its some really nice good food there…


  7. Christine says:

    happy belated birthday 2 KampungBoy’s dad and his nephew :)
    glad you had a great time there.. esp spending time meeting the parents and relatives…! :)


  8. Simon Seow says:

    Super Saiyan Son Goku, I like.


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