Restaurant MinMax @ PNB Darby Park



I admit, I was skeptical towards halal dim sum, why would anyone want to pay so much for halal dim sum when the real thing is easily available? However, everyone, including our Muslim acquaintances deserves a fair opportunity to enjoy these tantalizing and dainty little goods that “touch your heart”, literally.

I was so glad that I tagged along for lunch at Restaurant MinMax, a halal Chinese place that comes highly recommended by my boss. A glance through its extensive menu offering various Chinese dishes and dim sums was enough to my salivary glands into overdrive.

The dim sum was decent, a somewhat hit and miss to be exact, but it is definitely a restaurant to return to again, considering the price that we paid for (approximately RM 17 per head) because a halal dim sum affair at hotels would cost a boom anytime.

Minmax Restaurant
PNB Darby Park
Jalan Binjai
Kuala Lumpur
03 – 7490 3333

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  1. kennis says:

    i hate the photos you took, they make me feel so hungry!!


  2. Mama BoK says:

    I’m sure they are more common and edible these days. The last time .. i went for any chinese food.. that was halal.. i kinda hated it. But that was more than 10 yrs ago.


  3. foodcrazee says:

    now I need to go find this place and satisfy my hunger . . . .


  4. Nic (KHKL) says:

    love the collage….love the food…no babi but still ok lar cos dim sum is always about msg right, hehehe…RM17 for a nice setting is ok la.


  5. I guess Dim Sum these days are very very expensive to indulge with! lol! I guess must find those good buffet Dim Sum!


  6. foods hunting says:

    what a great meal u had! u like those photo, very clear n nice!


  7. Kenny Mah says:

    Dunno about the non-pork versions, but generally, I stick with good ol’ traditional dim sum, babi and everything… :D

    Lovely collage by the way!


  8. Hazza says:

    I think halah dim sum can be just as good. Maybe even hard to tell the difference in not mentioned beforehand, especially those dishes mainly based on fish or prawns.


  9. can always stick with seafood based dim sum har kau!


  10. breadpitt says:

    just starting to explore local food blog, nice title u both have there. btw
    those dimsum look tempting .


  11. kennis: you should love them..i spend a lot of time on my pictures :D

    mamabok: yeah guess they improvised a long the way, i wont say that its bad, or very good

    foodcrazee: hahaha its a proper place for lunch actually

    nic: haha ‘still ok’ for me complains on the food and ambiance

    bbo: haha where to find good ol dim sum non other than our hometown IPOH?

    foodshunting: thx for ur comment..hope that u’ll like the food too

    kenny mah: same here..haha but it does make a good palce for business luncheon

    hazza: ur so right..seafood based dim sum was not bad at all

    lotsofcravings: haha good idea

    breadpitt: what a cute nick that u have there..hehe


  12. breadpitt says:

    haha, u are the second want who said so after fbb , thanks!perhaps im to in love with pastry


  13. jason says:

    Previously, there was also a place call MinMax in Bercham, Ipoh but they’re closed already. No idea whether it’s under the same group of company though.


  14. ai wei says:

    hehehe, will u bring us there?!?!?!

    those dim sum real good! hungry hungryyyy~


  15. kennis says:

    haha, sure i know u hv spent a lot of time on the pics..coz they looked like so real until i felt hungry :D


  16. team bsg says:

    Halal or not is a state of mind and we never believe this thing at all !

    that fella in tanjung malim makes good halal pau ! god knows what he putted in


  17. wmw says:

    Alamak…the dim sum looks very good, especially at this hour!


  18. daphne says:

    Halal Dimsum? Great idea. even better when it tastes good.


  19. Sugar Bean says:

    Yeah, we hardly eat halal dim sum too. But since it’s good, it’s worth a try!


  20. Precious Pea says:

    Another good place for halal dim sum is China Treasures at Sime Darby Convention Centre. I just couldn’t believe the melt-in-your-mouth char siu bao is made of chicken.


  21. mei says:

    thx. good to know an affordable place 2bring my muslim frenz. cheers


  22. mei says:

    halal and cheap! fantastic place to take my muslim frenz. thx for the tip. cheers


  23. Tummythoz says:

    *tabik* Another one who can take pictures when dining with boss! Impressed.


  24. breadpitt: haha feed us with more breads and cakes plz

    jason: whoa really? halal dim sum as well?

    aiwei: halal one wo..u wana eat meh? hehe

    team bsg: yeap agree with u..been there and tried it..its one hell of a good bao

    wmw: my stomach is growling too

    daphne: hits and misses but still its worth trying

    sugar bean: i think its the culture of chinese family, but sometimes its good to indulge in something halal with our muslim frenz

    precious pea: i remembered reading the revieww at boo’s blog..will suggest it to my colleague

    mei: hehe hope that they’ll like it

    tummythoz: hohoho coz my boss read my blog too :D


  25. Jackson Kah says:

    what?? buffet dim sum?? i want!!


  26. smartmike says:

    The direct line to Minmax Restaurant is 03-21668669


  27. anna says:

    i’ll def go there to eat next month.
    thanks 4 sharing the info.


  28. Ashley says:

    Went for halal buffet dim sum last month at Oriental Spoon… another option for muslim…


  29. eileen says:

    are you very sure that its halal, i went there last month, and found out that the waitress didnt even know whether its a halal restaurant or not…


  30. hi dear yes it is halal :)


  31. dimsumlover says:

    i went there in July 2008.The food was horrible! Not going there anymore!


  32. Pat says:

    was wondering if they serve ala-carte or buffet and how much is the price?


  33. has says:

    went there, the chi cheong fun was heaven!


  34. diana yussof says:

    hi…just wandering if you know a chinese muslim restaurant that sells halal dim sum in KL. i came accross it in RTM1 recently but did not mention where the restaurant is located. hope you can help me if you know the restaurant.



    kampungboycitygal Reply:

    hi diana, i do know of another 2 – china treasures at sime darby convention centre, oriental spoon at kl sentral. hope it helps ya


  35. good morning n evening mr wai from ipoh got a vancancy job for a dim sum assistant…call me my tis numbers 0185796629..coz im interested…dim sum working


  36. Nur Huzaimah says:

    I’m Nur,
    hailing frm good ol S’pore..
    I were in KL recently,catching the Reds,and went shopping for good measure.
    Found this perfect food court on the 6th flr of Sogo at Jln TAR.And guess what?
    They sell really good n yummy HALAL dim sums for less than RM15 for 3 sets of ‘yr pick’
    dim sums.There’s 3 pcs to a set.I will be coming back there,just for their prawn dim sum.
    Check it out :)


  37. aida says:

    hi! i’ve been craving for dimsum for few days but u knwlaa…u hv to pay a bit more to get a good ones. Right after i read your review yesterday, I made my way to MinMax all d way frm Kelana Jaya w my sis.

    You were right! It tastes so heavenly good and surprisingly cheap. We enjoyed it very much! The dimsum comes in big size, so so yummy & the food made us happy (flavanoid in dim sum!! Naaah…) Not a single word can describe how good the dim sum was. Anyway we were there quite late, the waiter turned down our request for second order. :-( .

    I’ve tried meisan sczechuan @ quality htl, shang, sheraton, westin, eden, concorde sh alm & few others, sorry to say this, but to me, min max is d best!

    Planning to go again in near time w my whole family. :-)


  38. jemin says:

    dim sum halal at islamic canteen inside masjid osman ramju in HK is da best.
    duck rice near the masjid area also very2 gooooddd. not like halal malaysia
    duck rice.


    ais Reply:

    Agree with u..I have been training in Islamic Union of Hong Kong for two months..WONDERFUL!


  39. sara says:

    i am so going tomorrow!!!!!
    thanx frens!


  40. Food Lover says:

    This is the worst dim sum i had in KL, the service was suck!
    I brought my HK frens there, the waitress/captains’s service suck! When we cal them for drink, they all pretend deaf or blind…no next time…no wonder offer RM2.90 but nobody eating there except those group of tourists from China or Indonesia who cheated by tourguide to eating there…
    Min Max Retaurant worst in KL town..


  41. Agnes says:

    Very very bad service here…..


  42. Agnes says:

    But very very bad service here…..


  43. VegeMonster says:

    Thank you thank you… Been looking for a halal dim sum (non-hotel) for awhile. Yes, I’ll check out this place real soon :) thanks again :)


    kampungboycitygal Reply:

    no problem vegemonster


  44. Ellen says:

    Another restaurant offering Halal Dim Sum buffet is The Inn of Four Seasons at Holiday Villa Subang, taste good and RM38 ++ per head only.



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