Restaurant MinMax @ PNB Darby Park


    I admit, I was skeptical towards halal dim sum, why would anyone want to pay so much for halal dim sum when the real thing is easily available? However, everyone, including our Muslim acquaintances deserves a fair opportunity to enjoy these tantalizing and dainty little goods that “touch your heart”, literally.

    I was so glad that I tagged along for lunch at Restaurant MinMax, a halal Chinese place that comes highly recommended by my boss. A glance through its extensive menu offering various Chinese dishes and dim sums was enough to my salivary glands into overdrive.

    The dim sum was decent, a somewhat hit and miss to be exact, but it is definitely a restaurant to return to again, considering the price that we paid for (approximately RM 17 per head) because a halal dim sum affair at hotels would cost a boom anytime.

    Minmax Restaurant
    PNB Darby Park
    Jalan Binjai
    Kuala Lumpur
    03 – 7490 3333


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