Fatty Duck @ Restoran OKAY, SS2

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    Boyfriend’s Survival Guide

    1. Learn to Restrain Negative Emotion
    Sometimes it is a wise move to crochet a doll in a moment of anger and wait until it subsides. Listen and choose not to react, it will prevent the broke out of an argument.

    Friday night, heavy downpour with bumper to bumper traffic in all major roads.

    BF (enthusiastically): What’s for dinner dear?
    GF (shrugs): Anything will do.
    BF: Let’s go for nasi lemak kukus and teh tarik!
    GF: So crowded, its Friday night after all.
    BF: What about Chinese dai chow?
    GF: Dai chow? There’s only the two of us, can’t order much lar
    BF (#$%^&P%^&*%^ at heart): Since you love Korean food, let’s go to
    Korean Village then.
    GF: So heaty! I need something ching and light, why don’t we go for Fatty Duck at Restoran Okay?
    BF (@#$%^@#$%^&* at heart again, ching pulak wana eat fat duck): Sure, as long as dear loves it.


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    fatty duck




    Ignorance is Bliss

    Restaurant Okay, in front of Fatty Duck’s stall.

    GF was fascinated by the various salty accompaniments to the porridge and rice – braised tofu, braised egg, braised mushroom, braised peanut, salted vegetables, braised duck intestine, and braised duck tongue. Her big wet eyes shine, pulling the BF’s sleeve and squeal like a little girl, “I want one whole duck to myself, then this, this, this, that, that, that and that, ok?”

    BF nodded and asked her to take a seat (and best to shut your mouth). He’ll do the ordering. “Ignore what she said just now; give me only the egg, the tofu, some intestines and a duck drumstick”.


    oil rice


    It is OK to Tell Little White Lies

    The food arrived; the BF pulled his sleeve up onto his muscular arm, and ready to gobble down the food anytime when suddenly the same annoying voice is evolving around his ears, “Am I fat? Sometimes I think that I’m the epitome of fat, grease, lard and butter. I feel so round!”

    (@#$%^&#$%, lemme eat in peace woman!)

    “I like you the way you are. After all, round is a shape right? It requires a lot of time and effort to keep yourself in shape, I’m so proud of you dear!”

    She smiles sheepishly, since, of course, she just want some assurance from him. And so, they chow down everything and lick the plate clean.

    (You must always trust the Teochews for their braised dishes. The duck is simmered for over slow flame with various spices and concoctions. The other braised dishes bestowed their own distinctive textures and flavours as well.)

    See? White lies are good for you. No wonder, our uncle in black tie always believe in white lies.


    braised egg

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    braised tofu

    braised duck


    Mobile Automated Teller Machine

    The waiter placed the bill between the two of them, so as not to imply that BF should foot the bill. In her irresistibly sexy voice, the GF smoothly slid the bill to BF side of the table and said, “Thank you for dinner.” The BF put down some cash rather willingly; it’s only a mere RM 10.30 after all.

    The events depicted in this article are fictitious.
    Any similarity to any real person is merely coincidental. I do mean it. 😀

    Fatty Duck
    Restaurant Okay, Cheow Yang SS2

    Jalan SS2/6,
    47300 Petaling Jaya,
    Selangor Darul Ehsan

    Opens from
    4.30 pm to 11.00 pm
    Closed fortnightly on a Wednesday




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