Aunt Yong Pan Mee House @ Seri Kembangan



    This is a new pan mee place that we discovered recently, credits to KampungBoy’s friends who stay around Seri Kembangan area that brought us there. Only complain is that the waiting time is inevitably long due to the large crowd. To make thing worst, Aunty Yong, the patience possessors, keep cooking, stirring, and tossing around the orders of pan mee ONE after ANOTHER. The serving staff is kind enough to warn you about the waiting time each time we sat down, “30 minutes, are you OK with it?”, we do walked off a few times when we just wanted a quick lunch, but some other time we would just stay and wait patiently, whilst browsing through the newspapers that we brought along.

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    The noodles are handmade from kneaded flour on the spot. You can only have your order of noodles in soupy version, but with different flavors and ingredients, such as seafood tom yam, mushroom & pork, smooth pork (huat yuk), etc. Other than that, we are given a choice on the noodles – to be torn by hand into bite size pieces, or to be slice into thin/fat strips. Mushroom Pan Meen (RM 3.50). It’s not just your average bowl of soup noodles, the mixture of crunchy ikan bilis, scallions, pork slices and mushroom in the simmering hot pork broth was awesome! The strands of homemade noodles are cooked to perfection when they are soft but still chewy.


    Huat Yuk Pan Meen (RM 4.00). Another variations of pan meen, with additional servings of huat yuk (tender smooth pork slides). The pork slices is well coated with a mixture of tapioca flour and egg before aunty brings it to boil.

    We wrangled the slippery noodles with chopsticks, dipped them into the bright green colored hot and sour dipping sauce and slurped – which is considered as a taboo in the West but is perfectly acceptable and indeed a norm over here.Great food that comes with a low price (less than RM 10 for 2!), what more can you ask for?

    Aunty Yong Pan Mee House
    43, Jalan Equine 9A

    Taman Equine, Banda Putra Permai
    43300 Seri Kembangan,

    Updated: standard has been deteriorated ever since, we have got comments complaining about the ridiculous waiting time (from 30 mins to 60 mins!)  and tasteless / very salty soup from time to time.


    • Kenny Mah says:

      Wah… 30 minutes waiting time? It must be good, judging by the number of souls patiently sitting around.

      I’ll have my Aunty Yong Pan Mee hand-torn, please! 😀

    • Sugar Bean says:

      Did you try out their dry version of pan mee? I like the dry one personally. 🙂 Yeah, that’s really cheap for 2 persons.

    • ai wei says:

      the crowded place?! their pan meen must be good one. gonna ask Christine bring me over for pan mee!!!

    • BuiBui says:

      Hi! may i know wat’s the business hours? u think 9pm go still got aR? or only available when the sun is up only?

    • babe_kl says:

      just like kenny, i lurve mine hand torn too!

    • joyofood says:

      Hi, I just went there the last Sun. I do agree with you that the noodles are pretty smooth and chewy. However, the soup is like a bit too salty for me. Anyway, I am happy that I have a new place to go everytime I am headache about where to have my lunch or dinner… 😀

    • Simon Seow says:

      It looks kinda plain. Maybe it’s the pan mee that’s good. Too bad la, quite far from my place. Still Kin Kin Chili Pan Mee is nearer. Kekeke. I know, different kind of pan mee.

    • wyejon says:

      ohhh.. equine park! must try. but the waiting time is a big turnoff.

    • Christine says:

      Chris and I were here few weeks ago. They’re really “slow”… haha
      Thx for warning us earlier ya!

    • Cyber Pan Mee Lover says:

      Pan Mee not as nice as u mentioned, normal only lar, somemore the environment not comfortable & VERY HOT, making me sweating, waited so long for the food to be served. Hope they improve their service in the future.

    • kenny mah: haha its quite a distance from ur place wo

      sugarbean: din try..coz we love soupy pan meen and sweating like cow after that

      aiwei: yaya must ask her..near her place

      buibui: its open till worries 😀

      babe: same here..feel more authentic n home made

      joyoffood: its weird tat we think that the soup is quite bland compared to other pan meen msg added

      simon: of coz its not worth the distance for just a bowl of panmeen..kin kin one is very good the chilli

      wyejon: yeah sometimes we will jsut walk off

      christine: hahaha..yeah..need a lot of patience for that..

      cyberpanmeelover: we think that its nice becoz everything is made fresh on the spot, the soup is kinda normal because no msg is added..somehow it just give a home made feeling, i might be biased because its similar to my mum’s version of panmeen..haha do agree that the place sucks..sweat like cow after my meal everytime..

    • jiok says:

      went tehre with my fellas. wow super hot in there. and yeah the waiting was a torture. other than than the food is ok. would recommend if its a holiday.hahaha.

    • Julian Si says:

      Great recommendation, I can’t wait to try 🙂

    • myCoffee says:

      *shrieks* Another specialized pan mee shop to try…! Yay!

    • jiok: hahaha just hate teh waiting time sometimes

      julian: not worth the travel i would say, will only recommend it to those who stay/work nearby

      mycoffee: haha im a big pan meen fan too

    • vkeong says:

      Very near to my place! Cheap too! Gonna try this one day.. keep posting Seri Kembangan food ok? hehe

    • Jackie says:

      tried it once and won’t go back. find it plain and nothing great. taman maluri pan mee is still the best and cheap too!

    • Chris says:

      Tried it today. The soup taste kinda plain. So does the herbal tea there.

    • kimmy says:

      i was driven directly from SFO to Auntie Yong’s Pan Mee because my friends said i have to try the latest buzz/hot spot in Seri Kembangan. Sure enough, the seafood Pan Mee was very tender and the fish balls and fish cake were very tender and yummy! Luckily, we didn’t have to wait more than 20 minutes and i was ok in the air-conditioned restaurant. I would certainly go back again before leaving for the US

    • Yianne says:

      Must try!!!
      The pan mee is tasty and yummy! I found it’s worthy to try, as the portion is quite big (for a girl like me) and the price is ok. Plus, it is not so oily (ideal for those who want to taste a less oily / healthy version of tasty pan mee)!
      I would not hesitate to pay a visit again next time!

    • kena tipu says:

      reach d wait 15 minute nobody serve. then wait mee 30 minutes. and mee sucks not nice

    • shuttertalk says:

      nice food. i makan there last week.

    • SayNo says:

      Both my husband and I went there. The SUCKest pan mee we have ever tried. Waited for 1.5 hours to be served on a weekday.
      Soup is tasteless. Thank god the pan mee is cooked properly.

      Where is the ISO? One day salty and one day tasteless?

    • cedric says:

      For me, overall it taste sucks especially the tasteless soup.
      Freaking Long waiting time due to wrong cooking wares she is using.
      Oh ya…the price is much too expensive for an over-rated pan mee…

      I still prefer Wat Wat Pan Mee near my hse…lol

    • KH says:

      I went to Aunty Yong Pan Mee yesterday. I found out they’ve changed another aunty to cook. not nice as before….!!!!

    • CTY says:

      I looking for the best “pan mee” in PJ/KL

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s funny, no one talk about the air-conditional restaurant and all sweat like cows, where did these sweating cows come from. I do agree the soup is not as good as before, but I go there because there is NO MSG and the noodle is very smooth and like both the dry and hot and spicy version. I go to Auntie Yong Pan Mee once in a while and enjoyed myself and never sweat like cow.

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