Sweet Appam & Dai Chou @ Lucky Garden Bangsar


    I’m really a nice, affectionate and caring person because I’m going to share with you guys my favourite appam (hoppers) stall – Om Shakti Chelo @ Lucky Garden Bangsar. Located directly behind TMC supermarket, the stall is not hard to spot at all. Other than appams (plain, white, brown), they offer quite a selection of Indian snacks such as tosai, chapatti, kuih gulung, vadai, etc.


    There’s almost always a crowd waiting for their orders to be taken, so please be patient because good food payoff. The lady was always busy spreading circles of thick whitish rice and santan (coconut milk) batter over those small wok like pans. (hence the do-not-mess-with-me face)


    Apparently, the white appams (RM 1.20) appear to be the crowd’s favourite. The appam, laced with crispy edges, has a contrasting texture of soft, fluffy, and well risen centre with sweet coconut milk. Other than that, I can taste a delicious and mesmerizing liquor tang because the batter is fermented with dashes of palm toddy. *hiccups*


    The brown appam (RM 1.20) was equally good too. The centre is absolutely creamy, with aromatic palm sugar syrup.


    Most the the time, we would take away the appams to the dai chou place opposite. The food is cheap and great, with Guinness Stout Pork Ribs slathered with layers of sweet and sticky sauce *hiccups again* and salted egg yolk squid with crispy batter and creamy gravy being our all time favourite.  A  3 dish 1 (free) soup typical chinese dinner costs less than RM 30, cheap no?



    Please refer to the map for the exact location.


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