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    Turning 23, it is time for me to take on more responsibilities. I am so proud of myself because I cast my vote and it does make a difference because the oppositions will form a new government in Perak after securing majority of the state seats. I am glad that I can finally stand on my own feet (welcome to the rat race!) but at the same time I can’t help but to simultaneously echoing the glory days of my pre 20’s.


    So, on my birthday, I was given a dinner treat to stave off the ravages of time at Trader’s Hotel. We were torn between Gobo Upstairs and Gobo Chit Chat. Gobo Chit Chat has entrancing light animation displayed on the ceiling but it has a more casual ambience while Gobo Upstairs, with tall glass windows where you can take in a great view of KL city is simply elegant. Casual or Elegant? Fancy Ceiling or KL view? We settled for Gobo Upstairs eventually.

    We were brought to a quaint little corner facing the Exxon Mobil building. At another side of the restaurant is the lounge, where you can have a drink or two while overlooking the magnificent view of KLCC.





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    Complimentary bread was served warm. The crusty bread was nice to be eaten on its own but it tastes even better with the truffle butter. How often do you see a restaurant serving you with FREE truffle butter nowadays?


    Our order of brandy flamed lobster bisque with chocolate oil arrived shortly (RM 26++ each). It was rich and sweet and flavourful but too salty that I have to dunk thick wodges of bread in it to balance the saltiness.

    P1210931 copy

    Being the coward eater, we go for the recommended dishes. My order of lamb shank (RM 38++) is wonderfully flavourful and tender, the meat falls off the bone with some evil little fatty shards.


    KampungBoy loves his beef short ribs (RM 38++) to every bit; the meat was cooked to perfection while the merlot based concoctions  were remarkably rich and complex.


    Good Food Make A Happy Girl



    The meal finishes on a sweet note where KampungBoy has earlier aligned a little surprise for me at the lounge area. The initial plan was to proceed to Sky Bar for desserts and drinks but I got suspicious when the waiter urged us to the lounge area.

    Suddenly behind the bar area, I saw the waiter carrying a candle lit cake and walking towards us. It was chocolate fondant with raspberry and filo pastry with minted scrattiatella ice cream (RM 18++). Pheew what a long name!


    KampungBoy sang a cool rendition of the common birthday song with tweaked lyrics. It was hilarious. The night did not end here, we proceeded to SkyBar……

    A quaint restaurant plopped amidst the busy KLCC area, Gobo Upstairs has the best food and excellent services for the most reasonable price; the total bill came less than RM 200 for a 3 course meal. 2 hours of parking is free upon validation for total bill above RM 250. However, for those who pay less than RM 250, you can park your car at Suria KLCC (RM 7 flat after 5 pm) and take a slow walk  instead of going into the hotel’s parking which charge a higher rate.

    Traders Hotel
    Kuala Lumpur City Centre
    50088 Kuala Lumpur
    Reservations: +603–2332 9888


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