CANTON-i @ One Utama

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    Spurred by the recent reviews by food bloggers, we dropped by for breakfast few weeks ago. Canton-I is actually owned by Dragon-I, the famous Chinese food chain around Klang Valley. Instead of Shanghainese cuisine, Canton-I offers a different range of food, i.e. noodles, rice, congee and dim sum.





    Oriental influence can be seen in interior decorating throughout Imagine you dining in Oriental grandeur among ceramic tea pots, elegant flower wood carvings and Chinese lanterns in pink hue. However, we find that the restaurant was filled to capacity, resulting in really tight seating. It’s a little uncomfortable since I had to twist within my little space and receive the stares from strangers beside whenever we try to snap a picture or two.





    Our orders of yin yeong were really bad. That is an rm 9++ gone down the drain. In fact this is nothing compares to indelible ink that cost us the taxpayer a whopping RM2.4 million! Hmmmmm…I smell a rat, a stinking big fat rat…

    DSC01053 copy


    Do not want to go wrong with our order; KampungBoy goes for the wantan noodles that comes highly recommended by Boolicious. Instead of the usual variations of wantans and barbequed pork, he opted for the Pork Knuckle Noodles (RM 11.80 for dry version and RM 10.80 for soupy version). Staring at his plate of pork knuckle, I can almost illustrate a devil, echoing the sound of “FATS…” “CHOLESTEROL…” right in front of me. Who cares because it is really good!!



    The char leong (rice noodles sheet wrapped with fried crullers, RM 8.00) is nothing to shout about. The chee cheong fun is too starchy while the condiments are bland.



    For desserts, we opted for the infamous non halal egg tart (RM 3). Again, I heard the echoes of LARDS……I feel sorry to my body, but the egg tarts are too good to be missed.

    The pricing here is not cheap certainly, the total bill comes to RM 40 plus (including 15% tax and surcharge such on wet tissues and water). If you have never been here, do drop by for their wantan noodles and egg tarts (remember to give the drinks a miss!).

    G-208, Second Floor
    1 Utama Shopping Centre
    Bandar Utama
    Petaling Jaya

    Tel No: 03- 77297888

    (Non Halal. Open from 11.00 am to 10 pm from Monday to Friday. Weekends, open from 10.30 am onwards.)



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