Bosses @ Vivo City, Singapore

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    I traveled down south to the City of Merlion last month. There is no time to go any other places in the city other than the working place but the place that I’m staying in is awesome! In addition to the magnificent view and relaxing atmosphere, the beachside café serves very delicious buffet spread too. I managed to ask the BOSS and Xiu Long Bao out on my last night stay.

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    Vivo City8 pm. We passed the BOSS the baton of decision making. The BOSS walked through every movement and decision to determine where to go. We reached upon a restaurant with contemporary blak themed décor called ‘BOSSES’ (hak she wui/triad society). “Boss! Boss!CompetitorS!” gasped Xiu Long Bao and I. Boss said, do not be afraid, follow me and step boldly across their territory and see what they have to offer.



    The BOSS sat down, a simply gesture itself is suffice; the followers of another leading figure rushed in and greeted us with much courteousness. The trading secrets (menu) are chained in a secret compartment beside the table.First to arrive was the Xiu Long Baos. “Bite them! Bite them!” The BOSS yelled. With tears in her eyes (because it tastes horrible), Xiu Long Bao sunk her teeth into it unwillingly. BOSS thinks that “it is excruciatingly interesting to watch her devouring her own kind”.



    Guess the BOSS made another not so good choice on the Lap Mei Fan (Clay Pot Rice with Waxed Meat). The waxed meat was an exercise to the jaw while the rice is just plainly…plain.



    La Mien with Seafood, one of their signature dishes arrived shortly. It appeared and tasted rather ordinary. BOSS seemed unhappy and muttered something like I can cook better noodles than this. We were trembling in fear; he might get annoyed and push the table over anytime.


    Fortunately, Liu Sha Bao (flowing custard bao) was the saving grace. We watched silently as BOSS popped these baos into his mouth and gave his nods of approval.






    The BOSS paid rather unwillingly and walked out in rage. No one was harmed or killed in the process. Bosses Restaurant
    Tel: 63769740
    Vivo City



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