Yut Kee @ Dang Wangi

    yut kee


    Yut Kee has been around since 1928, serving cups of local-style brew and traditional fare as patrons discover a taste for nostalgia. It is atmospheric with its dark wooden chairs, round marble tables, old portraits and hand written menu hang on the wall.

    Hainanese are generally labeled as excellent cook in whipping up westernized Malaysian dishes during the pre-war era, and the founder of Yut Kee is one of them. The restaurant is passed down to Jack Lee, and eventually his son who stand at the cashier all the time. I guess that the secret recipe is still very much similar within the family.



    lea & perrins

    I’ve been here for quite a number of times, on weekends it is so blissful where the elderly reading newspaper with their cuppa but weekdays lunch hour crowd is catastrophic sometimes. Fret not because food is served in a jiffy despite the crowd.

    hainanese pork chop

    Hainanese Pork Chop (RM7). The pork fillet fried in a batter is served with some good ol’ sautéed onions, peas and potatoes. The Worcestershire based sauce goes really well with the pork chops and potatoes. Somehow, it gives me a very homely taste, with the healthy looking brown sauce, mum’s style potatoes and no fuss fried pork fillet with simple marinates.

    roti babi


    Roti babi (RM 7) sounds politically incorrect but it tastes good. It is filled with meat stuffing consisting of fried minced pork, onions, carrots, crab meat and spices. The light and fluffy bread is dipped into egg batter to be deep fried. Dunk it onto some Worcestershire Sauce and you are in seventh heaven.

    Do try their belacan fried rice and salted fish fried rice too, you’ll be amazed at how good the fried rice taste. Other than staples such as noodles and rice, patrons can opt for bread toasted the old style using charcoal and to bring home bottles of home made kaya and belacan too.

    Yut Kee Restaurant

    35 Jalan Dang Wangi

    (Opposite Capital Square and Wilayah Complex)

    Tel. 03-2698-8108.

    Opens from 8am-5pm daily, closed Mondays and last Sunday of the month.



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