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rome and family

Well my Korea trip few months back was fun while it lasted; met a lot of nice people along the way so it was great. Guess one of the most prominent aspects of the trip was Korean hospitality. These are the nice people that left us making a vow to spread the word about the how the very fascinating Korea and her people.

We knew that it is a great time to repay their hospitality when ajashi (uncle) made a pit stop at Malaysia to see his son. Victor suggested dinner at Robson Heights, well even the celebrity floggers raved about them, so Robson Heights it is.

pork rib


The first dish was their signature pork ribs (yat zhi guat) with deliciously sweet and tangy sauce were melt in your mouth tender. Oh my god, we were having a great time gobbling on the fall-off-the-bone ribs. When I mean fall off the bone, they do really fall off with a few shakes.


butter squid


Deep fried butter squid (Nai Yao Sotong). I like their way of serving where a generous amount of chicken floss was sprinkled on top of the dish. The squids, encased in a light batter were slightly chewy but we enjoyed every bits of it. The texture was the fun part I guess. You can’t go wrong with butter-laden food and high-carb indulgence; nor can anything deep fried taste bad after all.


herbal chicken 2

herbal chicken - robson heights


Herbal chicken was served in a Chinese crock pot within minutes. The chicken was surprisingly moist and tender after long hours of soaking in the herbal concoction.


soon hok fish

Steamed Marble Goby (Soon Hok) is the star dish of the night. Fresh from the tank, the meat is lean and moist with a mild flavor. It costs a whopping RM 140 per kg but believe me, it is promisingly delicious.


mixed vegetables with macadamia nuts



The obligatory greens – Mixed Vegetables with Macadamia Nuts. Vegetables such as sweet peas, asparagus, arrowheads (nga ku), lotus roots, celeries and deep fried macadamia nuts are stir fry in a smoky soy garlic. The topping of flaky dried squids gives it an extra flavor and texture too. It actually gives eating green the devious way because it feels like munching on some crunchy snack food.

It was an evening filled with laughter, credits to ajashi’s sense of humour. Communication is not a problem over here because he’s not a typical ajashi with monosyllabic English ability; in fact he speaks fluent English.

The total bill? RM 350++. The great deal of time spent talking and catching up with each other? Priceless. (thx Meena!)

Robson Heights Seafood Restaurant
10B, Jalan Permai,
Off Jalan Syed Putra, 50460 KL.
Tel: 03-2274 6216


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  1. Christine says:

    i would love to give the Herbal chicken was served in a Chinese crock pot a try!looks good.. plus i like herbal stuffs ;P


  2. Nic (KHKL) says:

    it’s so hard to find a really good yat zhi guat. from your description, i guess it’s really good! :) pair that with a good wine or even liquor, wow!


  3. Imbi N Itchy says:

    Where exactly is this place? Is it close to Tien Hao Temple ?


  4. daphne says:

    The last vegetable dish has inspired me to do something similar. =) wish me luck.. heheh


  5. Precious Pea says:

    From the look of the dishes, can see it tastes good oledi. Hmmm….good idea if we have a round of Chinese New Year gathering there? They have crabs also right?


  6. u make mii craving for pork ribs now! slurp… Herbal chicken look so special wif the pot =)


  7. soon hock eh..reminds me i got a place to blog about also..full of fishes!


  8. Mama BoK says:

    Awesome food..!! drool, drool..!! again..!


  9. teckiee says:

    wahh come back from hol every one change template and domain adi. and 350 is way too much for the meal


  10. tankiasu says:

    Eh I thot the Restoran Siu Siu nearby is the better one?


  11. ai wei says:

    butter squid arrrr! i wan!!!


  12. jason says:

    I think I know where this place is. It’s somewhere near Mid Valley.


  13. this is so delicious………….. when will we all do low sang?


  14. Alvin says:

    Deep fried butter squid really well-cooked, first sight i tot the chicken floss is egg floss! very innovative! Take note about this hehe.. ?????


  15. Alvin says:

    First sight i thought the chicken floss is egg floss tim! Very innovative! will take note on it.


  16. tarepandasam says:

    Hey,should try their butter crab too,it’s simply delicious~!And yeah their signature pork ribs (yat zhi guat) is yummy.I have not tried their herbal chick though,mayb can try during this weekend*grin*


  17. christine: yeah i think that u will like it

    nic: yeah this is what i call yat zhi guat..must fall off the bone easily..

    imbi n itchy: yeah its quite near to tien hou temple

    daphne: good luck dear!! its really good..all the crunchy veges

    precious pea: yeah we can have it here..or the more famous restaurant siu siu

    yammy: its quite near to u rite?

    lotsofcravings: cant wait for that! im a sucker for steam fish

    mamabok: haha nah tissue for u to wipe off ur saliva

    teckiee: the fish is expensive i guess :(

    tankiasu: yes n more famous

    aiwei: topped with chicken yummy

    jason: bingo!

    bbo: u plan la :p

    alvin: yeah something new for me too



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