Restaurant Fai Kee @ Jalan Seenivasagam, Ipoh


    In Ipoh, eating“Zhu Fan” is so popular that in fact we have the saying among ourselves (or maybe just my family, but who cares? :p) that Ipoh is a land distinguished for its “Zhu Fan” culture. Choose from kuey teow, mee hoon, yellow noodles or rat tailed noodles to assorted seafood or poultry, each zhu fan is made to order. The cook will use a huge metal saucepan to boil the broth and cook the noodles over large fire in a jiffy.


    Apparently Fai Kee is a place that comes highly recommended by families and friends for their zhu fan. So here we are, on a Sunday morning, idling at our table in anticipation of a bowl of goodness.



    First to arrive on our table is the pork noodles (RM3.50). There’s something about the noodles combined with the savory broth, firm springy noodles, pork slices, intestines and lightly crisp greens.


    Seafood noodles (RM 4) have been the star of the table. The bowl is a tangled nest for big fat, curled shrimp, thick slices of stingrays, lalas, squid and shitake mushroom. A generous portion of firm noodles, delicate sweet broth and a wide selection of seafood goes into making it a delicious affair. You can actually have three bowls of these with the price that you pay for Yu Ai’s. Grin



    As bloated as I’ve gotten on the noodles, I’ve started yearning to snack on the deep fried minced pork(RM3.50). The bite size snack is crispy on the outside and slightly chewy and juicy inside.

    I applaud Fai Kee for their efficiency and courteousness despite the ridiculous large crowd. Do hop over to EatinOut to take a peep at the infamous garoupa fish slices noodles (must order).


    Restoran Fai Kee (same row as Overseas and opposite Hotel Excelsior)
    28, Jalan Seenivasagam,
    30450, Ipoh.
    Tel : 012 – 4546111


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