Manta II Grill Fish @ Lim Mee Yoke SS2 [CLOSED]


    A simple grilled fish or a plate of fresh seafood is always a guarantee for an excellent meal. There is this grilled fish stall that we frequented over the months, it serves as a quick yet satisfying dinner most of the time. Albeit an unrefined atmosphere to dine in (just another hot and stuffy food court), the food served is always rewarding.


    We were sitted right in front of the stall, which we would choose to avoid usually. The smell will just retain on your hair and clothing in a moment. Such sacrifices were made for the sake of catching the cook in action.


    You can choose from a wide array of seafood, e.g. sting ray, squid, prawns to get the grilled treatment. DO request for a plate of white rice to tone down the spiciness.


    The presentation is straightforward, our grilled to order stingray (RM 15) was served with a spicy sour condiments of cincaluk and lime juice. The fish was grilled to perfection with crispy golden brown layer and the flesh was succulent and sweet. Stingray with ammonia smell is a total rip off, but we smell fresh ocean breeze out of this. We actually think that soft bone of stingray’s wing is actually the best part that we mouth it down without second thought. Slurp



    The lackluster squids come slattered with spicy sambal, teeny weeny bits of dried shrimps and shallots provide a crunchy dimension to the enjoyable chewy squid. It was good, but not spectacular compared to the grilled stingray.




    Feeling adventurous, I opted for Stew Rice (Braised Pork with Preserved Salted Vegetables) instead of my usual order of Mee Yoke Prawn Noodles. It turns out to be a mistake. I have never had a problem with too much of fats or leans, but the dish is too salty that I frowned while struggling to finish it off.


    You’ll know that the yao char kuay (chinese crullers) is something not to be missed, judging from the long queue. Selling at RM 0.70 each, the deep fried goodies is really good.

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