Kanna Curry House @ Petaling Jaya


    I’ve heard myth that getting hooked on having banana leaf rice will doomed me to a bloated fate. Too much of good thing will make me a sinner of calories and fats afterall. But..but..but… I just have to do it, those nasty cravings strike from time to time that I found myself to be a regular at Sri Nirvana, Sri Grand City and Kanna Curry House.

    To avoid the crazy lunch crowd, we came here for dinner from time to time. We love sitting under the shades of trees and dine or perhaps just sip a cool glass of Bru Coffee and coconut drink.



    The chiller right in front of the entrance is showcasing all the marinated seafood and poultry; just pick the victim and they will get it done for you. Lined up alongside inside the restaurant, are trays after trays of cooked Indian dishes.


    I was hooked after I took a sip of Bru few months back and it has become my default drink at a banana leaf rice place. It gives the taste of a perfect filter coffee, but comes in a relatively lower price. Trust me, it’s the best coffee with fresh cow milk you could sip anytime of the day.


    Within seconds, plain white rice and veggie dishes are served on the large sheet of banana leaf laid upon you. Other than the obligatory veggies, I always request for an additional serving of Papadums and Tairu yogurt (it’s free).



    Beneath the chapping and cracking looking skin, the deep fried chicken is actually very succulent and tender. It is not your usual deep fried tumeric chicken, but an extravagantly spiced chunk of chicken with an Indian flavour. The chicken is so good that it has made me into violating a strict discipline in resisting a second order (one of my new year resolution).


    The curry mutton is another mind blowing food with cooked to perfection mutton pieces and pleasantly spicy curry gravy. I’ve heard horror stories of Indian / mamak stalls use Panadol as a cheaper source meat tenderizer. Maybe I can choose to feast on curry mutton instead of swallowing the pills during my feverish time.


    No complains on the tosai too, slightly tangy with crisp line and soft centre.


    It is very thoughtful for them to let us chew on some caraway seeds after a heavy meal to freshen the breath. We were told that its essential oil is found in many mouthwash, toothpaste and chewing gum available in the market too. We will definitely remember to chew on these breath freshener after an Indian meal because we are the thoughtful bunch.

    No 29, Jalan 17/45, 46400 Petaling Jaya
    03 7958 4814
    Open 7 days a week 7am to 10pm.
    Located between a row of shops just behind Lisa de Inn.
    Branch at Bandar Sri Menjalara Kepong, same row as De Foodland.

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